Friday, December 17, 2010

Boyfriend Thursdays! "Make up time" (For realz yo!)

Ok so now we get to continue the story. However it seems that someone, I won't say names (*whispers* Cheeseboy), hasn't been keeping up with the blog and didn't get the memo that I, crazy, nerdy and hot guy next door was taking over Thursdays. This saddens me and makes me have to repost links to old posts.

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With those you can catch up on current events and find out the next loto numbers in your area. Good luck with that by the way. If you win any money let me know I'll take a few hundred thousand off your hands. ^-^


Thanks. :)

Now onto the story. Lets see... I left off on a good cliff hanger. I'm sure you all appreciated it and have been enjoying the suspense ever since. If you have a weak stomach then please stop reading now cause the rest of the story gets pretty graphic. I jest. I jest. I swear it's all rated PG. If you haven't noticed by now I am only stalling so I don't have to type my story but I have been caught... *sigh* I must continue my story now...

Time for make up time
I believe that I left off with me breaking up with our dearest Baby Sister. Was a very sad moment in both of our lives. She was very mad at me for a good week or so and would hardly talk to me. I wanted to stay close to her because I saw her as one of my best friends. This posed a problem because she, for a good while, would just say hi and that's it. I sometimes wouldn't even get that much. Once we started talking again things got better. (Let me just point out at this moment and always that I don't get jealous, almost never. I'm a protective boyfriend but I don't get jealous.) Baby Sister thought it would be a sweet gag to try to make me feel jealous and told me that she was going to go on a blind date with some guy. This was actually just a fabrication and it didn't work but I think she was cute for trying. (Love you dear) I didn't find out that it wasn't true till much later but I suspected as much when she told me about it. Eventually we started talking more and more and got to know each other better. The more we talked the more I found that I truly did love her. It took us a good 3 months to get to a point when I started asking her to go out with me again. When I finally decided that I needed to come up to meet her face to face she didn't even believe me that I would do it. It took me sending her my Flight Itinerary for her to believe that I was going to really come up and visit. When I came up...(refer to "Post one'ish" listed in the top of this post) Soon after I came home from my visit I started to realize that I needed to live as close to her as I could if I wanted this to work out. So I started making plans to move up as soon as I could. I moved up about 5 months later. I have been living here since January the first and I don't regret it or even want to move back to Texas. It's too hot and humid there. 

And there you have it people. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. No I do not have a southern accent and I don't dress like a cowboy. I'm a computer nerd and would rather play on a computer all day then ride a horse and lasso cows. Don't get me wrong I like to ride horses and would do so if I got the chance but I have better things to do then play outside. I could be reading up on the new technologies that have come out then waste my time doing things that will not widen my knowledge of networking or computers. I am going to try to be a Network Administrator as my career. And I intend to major in Networking and master in Technology Management. Soon as I can I'm starting classes at a local college here and will do all I can do learn all I need to in order to get a better job. 

If you have any further questions please do let Baby Sister know and I will get the message. All of you have a good night. 


Anonymous said...

I am very impressed with boyfriend's career goals! I'm inspired even.

Boyfriend, you should do a blog, too. You're very good. (Okay, please do not go on to tell us about how you think it's more of a time waste than riding horses outside.)

I like this true love gets you two together fairy tale. :) :) I'm happier for having read this post! Thanks for telling!

(Baby Sister, figure why this post doesn't show on my dashboard please.)

Sandra said...

You could ride a horse while tooling on your laptop. This way you could be a cowboy and we would love that!...I'm just suggestin'...

Dazee Dreamer said...

you two are so perfect for each other. Your humor is so much the same. except, she isn't nerdy like you. :)

Venassa said...

I'm glad to hear the happy ending that I knew was coming. But it was very nice to hear the real story of how everything happened.

jayayceeblog said...

Thanks for finishing the story, Boyfriend! You sound like a big ol' sweetheart!

Julie said...

I love happy endings and to think there's more to the story as life goes on.
Tell boyfriend good luck on his career goals. Wonderful!!!
Take care and have a blessed weekend.