Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Dear Canada, 

I have nothing against you, but could you not send your wind down here anymore please?

Dear Car, 

I know you hate the cold weather, and that you have a really hard time starting in it, and I'm sorry that you don't have a garage to park in...but could you please keep it up for a couple of more months?

Dear Guapo (my workspace),

In the future, could you please warm up past 65º? I'm sure the heater would appreciate it...I think it's tired. If you could work on that please....

Dear Weather So Cold That My Lungs Froze Today,

Go away

Love, Me

Dear Friends,

Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with colder weather, but this has been a bit ridiculous

Dear Friends part 2, 

Can you tell I don't like much working in the cold? I think I would need to make it slightly more obvious...

Dear Thursday,

You couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you so much for being tomorrow

Dear Friends part 3,

Have I mentioned that it's cold?...

Dear Friends part 5 million,

Okay, I'll stop complaining about the cold...

Dear Drama, 

Why do you have to hang around every aspect of life? Do you think you could...just cease to exist? That would be great thanks

Dear Friends part 8 trillion,

I hope you had a great day...I go sleep now :)



Dazee Dreamer said...

Dear Baby Sister. I love your letters. They are so awesome. Just remember, you usually get what you pray for, so I'm thinking someone I know, who shall remain nameless, but her initials are B.S. (hahah, BS) has something to do with the cold weather.

Good night.

Kaleena J. said...

seriously, this cold has got to go. according to my little weather thingy up there at the top of my screen it's 15 degrees outside right now... and my car does not have a heater.

Bossy Betty said...

So, I guess I don't understand, is it, like, COLD there?

Hope you get some warmth soon!!!! said...

Stay safe and warm.

Tiff said...

I'm curious as to your tell.

Anonymous said...

I noticed no "dear boyfriend"s this time. Is he troubling you? Huh?? Huh? We can send him to those underground homes that cure all men in general.

Naah. I'm joking. :)

I hope it gets warmer for you all soon. Enjoy your day off! :)

Julie said...

Hummm, who likes the snow...with snow comes cold..well at least up here in the frozen tundra.
I hope it warms up or you soon.
Take care my friend. God Bless!!

Venassa said...

Dear Baby Sister,

I agree with every complaint about the cold.

Although I wish you would take more of our wind.

Canadian Friend

Joann Mannix said...

Hate the cold. Hate it so much.

I really, really hate drama, too. In fact I despise more than just about anything. It probably has something to do with having 3 teenage daughters.

Go put on some Mary J Blige, No More Drama. Fabulous song. It'll help you battle the drama in your life.

Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

Buurrrr!! It was nearly 70 here today and I was out cleaning up the yard in shorts. I will go out in the sun tomorrow for exactly one minute and think of you and send it to you somehow.

jayayceeblog said...

Your Dear letters are so organic ... I love the way they flow! When I read things like this, I so remember why we live in a warm weather area. Brrrrrrr!