Friday, February 4, 2011

A story

Of a man named Brady...

Okay, not really, that's just what popped into my head

At work, testosterone is definitely the majority

For example, in Peach's office there are two boys and one girl

Which means Peach and I share a bathroom with them 

(the other bathroom closer to my workspace is used by too many men to count...and I only use it in an emergency)

Luckily these boys are somewhat cultured in what are proper bathroom manners...I have a few complaints, but I choose to pick my battles and I save the important ones for bigger stuff like a steady chocolate supply, or brand new Sharpies :D

Anywho, one of the few personality conflicts we have is proper door propage (derived from the word is a word :)

To prop or not to prop? That seems to be the question that circulates in the office

So far the vote is 3:1...3 of us like the door propped, and my poor cousin likes it...unpropped :)

It's a constant thing, really. I go to use the bathroom in the morning, and when I leave I prop the door open...(just cause I thought you were wondering...the prop itself changes used to be a small paint can, at the moment it is a big refill soap bottle...who knows what it will be in a month)...and when I come back? The door is closed. And the cycle repeats itself over and over and over again. Sometimes I get lucky and the door is left open by Peach and Ben but most of the time not so much

So this is the conversation that was had between Primo (that's what we call the cousin) and myself:

P: "Why is it that people prop the door open?? I'm not accusing, I'm just curious."

M: "Because it gets ridiculously hot in there maybe?" (it's a small room with no windows, no nothin')

P: "No, it doesn't. It is nice and toasty. It's the perfect temperature!!"

M: "Primo, I feel like I'm in a sauna when I've been in there longer than 10 seconds!! Something is wrong with that!!"

P: "Have you ever been in a sauna?"

M: "Yes, I have."

P: "You're supposed to die of heat in a sauna!! It's a relaxing, soothing feeling. Like the bathroom."

M: "Primo, there is a slight difference. I am layered in clothing to stay warm outside. In a sauna, you don't have hardly any clothing on."

P: "It's not that hot prima (the female verion of primo...aka girl cousin in Spanish)"

M: "Yes, actually it is. I die of heat every time I go in there."

P: "Well how long do you spend in there???? A minute, at the should not get that hot in under a minute."

M: "Like I said, primo, after 5 seconds I'm dying. I wear 2 shirts and a hoody, 2 bottom layers, 2 pairs of socks, and boots. I get hot in there."

P: "I just don't get it. I for one like to be able to sit on a warm toilet."

M: "Primo, how often do you actually sit on the toilet? Last time I checked you were a boy...if you're sitting on the toilet that often, you should speak to someone about that."

P: "Ha ha ha. Very funny."

M: "There could be other reasons you know. Air the room out, etc"

P: "Yeah, Ben seems to think if you leave the door open the heat will release to the other parts of the office. Ha!! Come on, like that's going to happen." 

It carried on for a ridiculous amount of time and I won't subject you to that

However, I just have one thing to say...

I have been hiding in that bathroom all week because it was the only warm place I could find...luckily Primo doesn't read my blog...he doesn't read any blogs for that matter, he doesn't even have facebook...

I want you to know I like cold, I do...I just prefer it to come with snow...and to not be lung-freezing cold :)



Anonymous said...

And they all had curls........

Pat Tillett said...

Isn't stuff like that just part of the torture of working! I'm so glad it doesn't get cold here (relative to say, Utah!)

Velvet Over Steel said...

Well I just want you to know that I 'trained' my 3 boys very well! Haha.. at least their girls friends have told me that. :-)

Cute post! ~ Coreen

Anonymous said...

Primo argues so much! You guys are patient. Pat on the back!

Julie said...

Sharing a potty isn't fun. I'm glad it was at least warm for when you needed it to be.
Take care and have a blessed weekend.

Kaleena J. said...

Haha! I liked the beginning when you referenced the brady bunch. YES!!! said...

Office politics. I think I'd vote for the propping too. If that's as bad as it gets there, you have a pretty nice team to work with.

jayayceeblog said...

Potty politics ... who knew? Hiding in a toasty warm bathroom when it's freezing cold sounds like a great idea to me!