Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pineapple and Bears...Oh My!!

What do you find when you come home from work?

Well I will show you what I find when two of my nieces, Sami and Ruthy who are both almost  4, have been playing at my house, right outside my bedroom door

Well they had gone shopping, of course!! They must have been playing house/housewives

Shopping in Grandma's pantry anyway, which can be the best store ever if one looks for the right stuff

And obviously these two girls have struck gold, I mean who doesn't want pineapple in their white cake????

Of course, you can't just leave off of with that

What doesn't go with white pineapple cake but...more pineapple? I personally would totally go for it. It sounds like the best dinner. Pineapple with pineapple cake for dessert. Awesome!!

But of course, not everyone would go for you gotta have back up

I personally love all of these three things, especially water chestnuts (I just now noticed what those were...I might have to have a snack tomorrow)...I just don't know how I feel about them combined. But then again, it's not me that is making dinner, it's Sami and Ruthy and I guess one of them must like that combination

Of course, a good housewife has to have...

A purse with a pen (purple, my kind of girls)

And on the inside?

That's where it gets fun :)

Every woman needs a snuggly teddy never know when you need to have a good cry with a soft(ish) bear

Of course you've gotta have your checks...(mine by the way) How else are you going to buy necessary items? (pineapple and white cake anyone?)

But you can't have a checkbook without 

A register(mine as well). I personally don't use one of these(it comes with the box anyway...waste of paper in my case), but Sammy and Ruthy are probably a lot better off than I am

And of course, in case you get bored, a little video game guide...I didn't know they played this game, I'll have to see how they're coming along with it

Now what lady doesn't leave the house with these essentials? In my line of work, the aspercreme is definitely a must so I think they're just thinking of everyone else

Of course you need a fresh pair of socks, you never know when you're going to need them (mine...again...)

Now what fun is running errands if you don't make a fun stop every now and then...that would just be boring

But's not what's on the outside, but the inside that counts:

More grocery bags!! Cause what doesn't a girl need more than grocery bags?

Now, lest we get bored and hungry....

Oatmeal cereal and Alice in Wonderland!! My two favorite things!! And of course they're in a grocery bag as well

The "sister" of the girls obviously wasn't feeling terribly well and passed out on the couch in misery 

After having

Taken the phone off the hook, so as to not have been disturbed

And last, but not least, what would a  good housewife be without having a secret hiding place for...

The chocolate goodness!! And what an even better place to put the keys!! That way, whenever you need to go anywhere, you can have a bit of goodness!!

I think I prefer my house over any other house to come home to...everything is set!! :)



Jessica said...

LOL, looks like they thought of everything! said...

I think I would prefer coming home to your house than any other too.
That teddy bear is so huggable looking.

Laura Darling said...

Haha! I'm glad to see they brought the essentials...water chestnuts, hand lotion, and socks. They are good to go!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Who cleans up the playground after these girls? You are so good to let them play!

Dazee Dreamer said...

oh my goodness. That was the cutest post ever!! And how much fun to have come home to that. Lucky, lucky you.

Julie said...

I love this. Now I wish I had thought of sharing a day like that. Thank you Amanda it was cute and I bet the girls had the time of their lives.
Hey, heard of kettle cake? White cake mix, pineapple, water, couple of eggs, baked in a cast iron dutch oven on a bed of hot coats for an hour or so. YUMMY!!! Chocolate, cherry too!
Have a great day. Blessings my friend.

jayayceeblog said...

What a hoot ... loved your story ... that was quite a shopping trip. I think they're going to need a bigger bag!!! (P.S. My favorite part was taking the phone off the hook.) =D

Jami said...

Funny post. I think I am with the sister though, shopping wears me out. I think I'd eat my pineapple cake and my water chestnuts and call it a day! :)

BTW what's a fatboy?