Monday, February 21, 2011

The unveiling

Don't you just love some good ol' vanilla ice cream with chocolate goodies?


Anyway, I was going to post a video last week for V-Day, but then the whole Despicable Me thing happened and I didn't have time

So today I was looking on YouTube to see if I could find something

After lotsa searching and finding this

And this

And this

I decided I wasn't going to find what I was looking for, so I changed my mind

Instead, I will share photos with you of the project that Boyfriend and I were working on last week

My computer sits downstairs in the cool part of the house in a room where...there really isn't that much room

So I had my computer placed on my mom's old sewing table which worked really well...for about a month

After that I really didn't like it... Don't get me wrong, I was very grateful to have it and it worked for what I needed, it was just very uncomfortable

Here, I show you an example

There really wasn't a place to put my legs

Yes, I could have opened the doors, but that would just have been really annoying to do every time and then close them every time

I'm all about being lazy ;)

With it like that, I would have to turn my chair at an angle to really be comfortable and Boyfriend and I tend to watch TV/movies/play games while I blog and by the time we do whatever we're doing for about 20 minutes my neck/legs/body/toes get really tired of sitting in the position they are

The other problemo was the chair

It looka lika this

Not that folding chairs are bad things per say, but they certainly are not very comfortable to sit in for an extended period of time

The other problemo...let me see if I have a picture for this

Not a lot of room for the all of the appendages...the keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, monitor, tower, speakers, ps3 controller...

And any of my stuff that I used I had just to just pile on there and it drove me batty when it got messy

I always pictured a nice desk with a couple of drawers and a big open space for my legs and a nice, comfy chair to sit in 

The only thing was, the sewing table belonged to Mama Smurf and I didn't know if it was special to her or not, so I didn't even want to ask

However, one day I was complaining talking to Mama Smurf about it and she told me that if I ever wanted to buy a desk I could and we could get rid of the sewing table cause she didn't use it anymore

I almost did back flips and cartwheels I was so excited!!

And on that note, the rest of the story will have to be...


(sorry, but it's late and I have to go to body is demanding it...night!!)

7 comments: said...

Don't leave us hanging like that. I'm afraid the CPU is going to fall down. It's awfully close to the edge. Ok, I'll just be holding my breath here until you get back to us.

haze said...

mama smurf? ok... that is funny. haha

Venassa said...

Nothing worse than uncomfortable computer conditions. I can't wait to see the results.

Dazee Dreamer said...

what the hell girl. you and your neverending make me wait for the exciting part of the story. I want to see pictures of your new desk. don't tell me you haven't bought it yet. errrrr

jayayceeblog said...

Oh, yay, I'm getting some furniture shopping vibes here and I looooooove furniture shopping! Can't wait to see what you come up with for a new desk. We want you to be extreeeeeemely comfortable for posting your stories! =D

Julie said...

new desk, work area...Oh I gotta see.
Hurry sleep fast, work fast and get back home and show us what you're up too.
Take care my friend. God Bless!!

My Big Secret Blog :) said...

Ooooh. This new desk is EXCITING!! I'm glad I'm reading late, so I don't have to wait! :D