Monday, March 7, 2011

Another story

Remember that one time I told you about my primo and our convo at work about bathrooms?

If not, that's okay...I'll forgive you ;)

If you want to refresh yourself, click here 

Well, there's a part two of the story now

Ever since then, Primo (cousin) has decided to make a "game" of sorts out of moving the door stopper

Or maybe he really was just annoyed by it so much that he had to move it as far away as possible so that I wouldn't "see" it...when really all that did to serve was annoy me because it meant I had to go all the way out of my way...a whole 10 bend down and pick it up and prop the door open again, and if he would just nudge it out of the way with his foot, it would only require me to nudge it back with my foot!! So much easier!!

But every time I went to use the restroom, it had been moved back a little more

Exhibit A:

(this is where you be nice and ignore the lighting...I was too tired to fix it)

See the soap bottle all the way over in the "shower stall"? That's the furthest it ever got

During the week it was at every interval you can imagine between the heat vent and where it is shown in that picture

I kept picking it back up and propping open the door...and he would keep moving it back

You would think he would get tired of all of the moving and bending over and picking up and all that jazz...but I guess he had a point to prove

Anyway, it didn't really matter to me because I would just prove my point right back!! :)

Until one day...

I walked in, closed the door, and looked around...the soap was nowhere to be found!!

So when I left I looked again and still couldn't find it

This cousin of mine, he's a punk!!

I looked everywhere I thought it could be and finally it hit me that there was one place I hadn't looked


There's this cupboard right outside the bathroom door, and there's a little ledge above it and sitting right on that ledge were both of the bottles...even the one we had been using to refill the soap

(this is where you're nice and ignore the poor quality...I was hurrying because I didn't want him to see me take the picture...I didn't want him to think I was getting enjoyment out of it or anything)

That cousin of mine...he was going to all lengths to make sure that door stayed shut!!

So, because I'm a brat and wasn't going to give in that easy, I grabbed the random paint can that was in the "shower" and used that

Lo and behold, the next time I went into the bathroom that was missing too


All of this was happening while Peach was in Mexico

When she got home I whined and complained cheerfully filled her in on all that had happened with the big, bad Primo

She told me that when she got to work she would take care of it

The very next day, she put the soap bottle back in the bathroom, and even closed the heat vent so it wouldn't heat up the bathroom if he did choose to be a stinker about it!!

Moral of the story? I'll keep my older sisters around if only so they can put cousins in their place because he obviously doesn't care what the Baby Sister does!!


Julie said...

Well at least going to the bathroom isn't boring at work. You are so funny.
I can't get the video tonight, very slow...s.l.o.w. connection tonight, I'll try tomorrow.
take care and God Bless!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Good for your sister. and cousin, if you are reading this, you are in a lot of trouble mister!!

jayayceeblog said...

Oh, that kind of thing would drive me nuts! Thank God Peach came home to back you up. I'd probably glue one of those bottles to the tile just to mess with him.