Friday, April 6, 2012

Birthday Surprise!!

It's boyfriend again everyone! Nice to see you are all doing well. Yes I can see you all. Sitting there reading my post. Don't think I can't see you grabbing that chip. Oh you put it in your mouth! Ah ha! Not a creeper just amazing I know you are in awe of my amazingness. I hope you have all been well in my absence.

I have some very special news for everyone!!! My phone and every calender tells me that it's the 6th of April. Do you have any idea of the impact of this day?! A very important person was born on this day of days. Yes I speak of course of my beloved Amanda(baby sister).

*La Cucaracha Music playing*
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!!
Happy birthday baby sister!
Happy birthday too you!

... Oh wait... That's wrong. Lets try that again.

*Tiggers Theme Song playing*
Happy birthda....

Ok that isn't right either... Oh well I'll just stop singing and wish you a happy birthday in my own way.

Happy birthday my dear. I hope you have enjoyed your day. I know I had a great day spending it with you. I'm sorry I had to be asleep for the first half of your day and couldn't be around. I did get to steal you away from your work in the mid afternoon so that's good right?

So everyone you'll never guess what happened!! Something you have all been waiting for! I know! I know me too!

... Wait for it!!

..... Just a bit longer!!

........ Almost there!!

Me and Amanda are super excited about something very special!
We got new shirts and she got a new mug from the Disney store in SLC from the new shopping center!!!

Oh you thought it was something else? You figured that I would have given a shiny object that is held together by a nice shiny band? Well don't be silly that's not a few'ish or so months. You'll know when she knows! :P

I hope that you all enjoyed that. I know I sure did. I don't want to propose on her birthday I want a day that is to be remembered by itself and no other reason behind it. She will be able to remember that day as the day I proposed not the happiest birthday of her entire life or the best Valentines day ever. If I'm anything at all in the life I lead it is someone that takes time and prepares something special for a time when it is perfect. I'm quite sure that when it happens you will all hear about it in great detail.

So Amanda I would like to wish you the best birthday month of all. I give you from today till the end of the month to be the birthday girl. All that you require of me will be at your finger tips. I hope you enjoy your birthday month! I love you!

Bye everyone! Have a great day/night/anything!?


Dazee Dreamer said...

Dang you boyfriend. I was getting all goosebumpy and everything. I'll get you my pretty.

Baby Sister. I thought of you when I saw the Disney Store at City Creek. You must be beside yourself with excitement.

Pat Tillett said...

Happy birthday to one of my favorites! Based on this post, I'm thinking you are both pretty lucky to have each other! Great and thoughtful thing you just did...

Julie said...

One day we'll hear that news, when the time is right but until then we'll just enjoy all the goodness that you bestow on your loved one. You guys are awesome and just plain perfect for each other.
Take care you too and have a the most blessed Easter.
Oh hey, birthday is the 23rd and it's a milestone for me...ugh, 50. Gonna steal me from work and .... well something? Just kidding but I think it was terrific what you did.

Powdered Toast Man said...

Happy very belated bday. I hope you got your unicorn and pot of gold you asked for.