Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rolling in the...dirt?

Somewhere in the Universe there is an evil force that has decided that I need to sprain my ankle once a year

And last week it decided it was time

I had run home from work for something really fast and in my rush out the door I stepped on a very uneven surface and rolled my ankle

And it popped

It hurt so bad I was afraid it was broken

Fortunately it just turned out to be a bad sprain

And it helped me to reach a conclusion

Boyfriend needs to be around from now on whenever I sprain my ankle

It's too bad I can't go back in time and bring him with me and have him take care of me every other time

He massaged my foot

He insisted that I stay off my feet as soon as I got home from work and got me whatever I needed

He helped me hobble around

He didn't make fun of me when I hobbled around...

He's just pretty much an amazing Boyfriend

Speaking of Boyfriend...

He might kill me for telling this story, but seeing as how he rarely reads my blog, I'm not too worried about it

Did you know that Boyfriend NEVER gets jealous?

No matter how much I tell him that it'd be cute for him to jealous on occasion

He just never gets jealous

It's true

I know that's a good thing because it shows that he trusts me

But still

Sometimes I would like him to even show just a tiny bit of jealousy

So, the other day I was talking to this guy that I've been friends for...12 years? Something like that

He and I kind of dated for awhile

But then he met "the one" and "dumped" me

And now he has a little girl that's so adorable

And a wonderful wife

And I have the wonderful Boyfriend

Life couldn't have turned out better for the both of us

Anyway, the other day I was talking to him on the phone and I was sitting next to Boyfriend and he kept looking at me and rolling his eyes

I honestly just thought it was because I was talking on the phone in general

Because he doesn't really like to talk on the phone

But as soon as I hung up, he said:

"I think this is what people call jealousy..."

It completely floored me

Apparently the whole time I was on the phone all he could think was

"When is she going to hang up?"

"Why is she even talking to him?"

"Why isn't she talking to me?"

"Oh my gosh, stop talking!!"

Now, don't get me wrong, he likes said boy

Let's call him Shmuck

That was the name I gave him after he dumped me

And I think that's what he still is under in my phone

So we'll just stick with that

Anyway, he likes him

He does

For some reason he just got jealous

Which I find very humorous

I don't know what it is about me loving him being jealous

Maybe it's just that it makes me feel wanted

Or something like that

Okay, I have so much more I could say...

I mean, it has been a month...or something

But, I'm tired

And it's already taken me about 3 weeks to finish this post

So, instead I'm just going to push that big, ugly publish button

This post and my blog have been looming over my head for a lo-o-o-o-o-ong time

Oh, by the way?

My reader is playing tricks on me

It's markings posts as read that I haven't really read

I'm trying to stay on top of it, but the blogs that I haven't officially caught up on yet are really the ones it's killing

Just for the record

We have bunnies at work

Cute, adorable ones

But Papa Smurf won't let me have one

Cause it's his house

But they're just so cute I could gobble them up!!

I'll have to take pictures

Lots and lots of them

For now, I'll just have to content myself by going to dream land

To the land of the bunnies in the clouds

At least I don't have to care for those bunnies


Jolyn Lloyd Matthews said...

Ow! My whole body cringed when I read about your poor ankle. Those are just the worst! Many, many, get well wishes headed your way. BF is just adorable.

Bossy Betty said...

Ouch!!! Ouch!!!! Good boyfriend. Good boyfriend. Hope you are back up and moving again pain-free very soon!

Julie said...

Oh my dear, I hope that you heal fast. It was so good to read you today. It's been awhile but I know that you're a busy woman and that wonderful boyfriend of yours needs too in-between it all. Such a sweet couple you make.
Thanks for checking in. Take care and have a blessed afternoon.

Dazee Dreamer said...

you nut. quit spraining your ankle.

Pat Tillett said...

Ouch! I've both sprained and broken my ankles. A bad sprain hurts just as much. I think rabbits are very cute, but I'm soooo allergic to them now!
I hope you get better real soon and WATCH YOUR STEP!

Venassa said...

I had a really jealous boyfriend before, and I hated it. But I love it when they're a little jealous.

Jamie said...

Glad it was just a sprain!