Sunday, April 29, 2012


So....have you ever heard a song, and LOVED the lyrics

But you didn't have any respect for the singer? And because of that it just kind of ruins the song?

Boyfriend and I just watched American Idol and one of the contestants sang that kind of song

I love the lyrics, it has a great message

But the singer? I have no respect for

Kind of annoys me

Speaking of American Idol

We're watching the results show

And I couldn't stand now knowing as my favorite was in the bottom 3

So I went and googled it

And can I just say, it ticked me off

America is very stupid

No offense to any of if you didn't like Elise

But she was one of my favorites


There are exciting things going on around here

Really, only one thing

This semester of school is done!!

And I passed my class with a decent grade

I'm kind of annoyed that I didn't get an A

But...I'm not going to let myself get all worked up over it

Especially since I fell asleep every time I read my homework....

I did the best I could

That means I can finally work on and finish my puzzle

And that means I can work on all of the craft thingies that have been building up

But, most importantly it means I can address an ugly stack in my room

A stack that just kept getting bigger throughout the semester

Here's a different look

There are 30 books in that stack

And that's not even all of the books I need to read

I have this rule that I'm not allowed to do any recreational reading during a semester

It just about kills me, but I know that if I were to pick up any book and read it I would have no desire to do my homework

I kind of cheated though...

A few of those books I started throughout the semester

It's just so dang hard!!

Maybe next semester I'll give myself one day a week 

Now I just have to survive spring and I'll be good

I'll try to catch up on your blogs, but I'll be honest

I probably won't do my usual of reading every single one and commenting on them

I have a lot to read and it overwhelms me a little

But now I have to go clean

My nieces and nephews were here and came downstairs

That means it's a bit of a mess

And there are dolls scattered everywhere

And fingernail polish  

And wrappers

And really I just can't think of a good way to end this post

So I'm just going to use the best word that I know of



Dazee Dreamer said...

I always get really excited when I see a post from you. Congrats on doing good this semester.

Bossy Betty said...

We are always glad to hear from you but understand you are busy! Hang in there!!!

Pat Tillett said...

Your life is much busier than mine, that's for sure! You've got so much going on! It's worth it though... hang in there! I'm right there with you on American Idol. I really liked her. I'm also glad that you like the show. My whole family is into it. We used to have American Idol parties every time it was on. Sometimes only a few people, sometimes 10 or more. We've gone to see the show live several times (it's not too far away), gone to Idol live, and one of my daughters goes to all the after parties. We also have a friend who is a body guard for the contestants and judges. In fact, you may have seen in the news lately that a body guard pulled the daughter of Jennifer Lopez out of traffic? He's a family friend since he was a little kid.
Again, hang in there!

Powdered Toast Man said...

I'm lucky if I read one book a year. I like reading but I get lazy after a third of the way in. Good luck.

Jami said...

I have pretty much given up on reading these days, but I do miss it. It's just that every time I finally get my work done so I can start to read, I fall asleep! :)