Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm alive!

Well, school started

and is already kicking my trash

Hubby is still waiting for word on some of his interviews

And I AM SO READY for summer to be over

(yeah....I started this post a few handful of weeks ago...)

We don't have A/C, and our house faces west

Needless to say, we're a sink hole for heat

It's awful

I put up some blackout curtains, and that helped a *little*, but not enough

I have literally lived in basketball shorts this whole summer 

And we stick a fan out in our living room to help cool it down a few degrees

I can't even sit on my couch without getting all hot and sweaty

First world problems...

Hubby had an interview with a data center up near Salt Lake and is waiting to hear back from them, and also had an interview with IBM...up in Iowa

Needless to say I'm hoping for the Salt Lake one, but we'll see

(and he didn't get the job in Salt Lake....they didn't have the niceness/respect in them to tell him themselves, he had to find out from someone else...which is not cool)

Not that moving wouldn't be an adventure, and fun, but we're just starting to get settled into our apartment hear, so moving again isn't really a thrilling idea to me

Plus I'd be far away from my family, and I've only lived in Utah, well, besides the brief Brazil stint with my parents and my mission, but I just don't count those

I was with my parents in Brazil, and...well, the mission just doesn't count

So this would be hard for me

But, really, I'll go where the job takes us because I just need him to get a job

There just might be a few tears if there is a move involved


So, we have 3 tomato plants just outside our front door

We didn't have a space for a garden, but I wanted something, so we brought home 3 pots and planted the tomatoes in those

We planted them a little late, but I was still really hopeful that we'd get enough to make it worth it

The Roma that we planted had a little bit of a rough start, with a lot of blossom end rot


We sprayed it, got it taken care of, and waited for the little babies to grow

Finally, a cluster of 3 started to grow on the back of the plant

No problems were seen, so I watched them every day when I left for work and came home, just waiting for them to start turning red

And then they were just gone

Vanished in thin air

I don't know what happened to them, but they did not exist anymore

Some little tomato gremlin must have come and stolen them when we weren't looking


So imagine my surprise when I get back from taking Hubby to work and I saw this

What the bite?


And that was still on the plant, if you can't tell

It was this huge, beautiful tomato that we were waiting to ripen so we could dig in and eat it

And it has been desecrated


So sad....

My wondering is if it's a deer, but I haven't seen any around recently, so I have no idea

(for the record, it was a deer....they have since eaten more of the beauties...not cool!!)

I just know it's not nice


Once upon a time Oreo came out with a new flavor for the summer


A Target exclusive

And the nearest Target is about 15-20 minutes away, depending on traffic, so we don't go very often

Which is sad because they get a lot of the exclusive Oreo

Anyway, I didn't find out about this Oreo until a little late in the game, apparently, because by the time I found out about it they were already out at both Targets near me

I was so intrigued by this flavor and wanted to try it so bad that I called the Target up near Salt Lake and they had some, and poor Hubby I was going to make him go with me all the way up to Salt Lake to buy some, but I was venting about it on Facebook and Hubby's sister came to the rescue

They had them at her Target

So she went and bought me 4 packages and mailed them to me

How awesome is that?!

 Anyway, I had some friends that wanted me to tell them what I thought about them, because they were intrigued as well, so I told them I would

And I had these grandioso ideas about creating this elaborate review for them on my blog so I kept waiting and waiting and waiting to say something...

And then my life kind of blew up in my face and it has never happened

But it has been hanging over my head like a ridiculous 50 ton brick, and the rope that is holding it up keeps fraying more and more...

So I figured I'd review that, and all of the other Oreo cookies that have come out this year that I have been able to try

I will try not to bore you

I promise

To start off with...

I am not a huge fan of lemon flavored food

Some of it is okay, but I don't love the tang

Give me chocolate over lemon any day!!

However, these cookies were actually not too bad

The lemon flavor wasn't too strong, and the cookie helped balance it out

All in all, it's Oreo and I should never doubt them

It's not even close to being my favorite, but it was decent

I give it....a 5/10

Next on the list....

This flavor is not new, it came out last year

But it is one of my favorites

I don't know what it is about the ice cream flavors, they're just sooo delicious

Oreo always does such a great job at blending flavors

I give this one a 9/10

Coming up next...

So this one if by FAR one of my favorites

I'm a big strawberry fan

And I'm a big fan of fruit and creme mixed together

Soooo yeah

The strawberry flavor is not overbearing, and the cream with the chocolate cookie just adds the perfect touch

Needless to say, one of my favs

10/10 for sure


This one had me a little cautious

Because, banana split? In a cookie?

BUT....it was actually pretty good

The flavor was really good

And I love that they did both cookies

It just seemed appropriate

Anyway, I think they did a pretty good job at pegging the flavor

So I think I give this one an 9.5/10

And last, but certainly not least...

Oh where do I even start...

I was both very skeptical and intrigued to try the watermelon

I knew if anyone could pull off watermelon it was Oreo

But still.....watermelon?

Luckily, because Hubby's sister is awesome, I was able to try them

And let me just say...


They are now one of my new all-time favorite Oreo's

The flavor is perfect

The watermelon is not too strong, and while I normally don't like the "golden" Oreo's, they really did pick the perfect cookie combo

In fact, most of the specialty Oreo that have the golden cookie are pretty well paired

Anyway, I love the Watermelon

My favorite of the summer collection

I'm really sad they didn't bring out the Creamsicle Oreo that they brought out 2 years ago, that is one of my FAVORITES!!

They better bring them back next year, or else....

I'd say that one and the Watermelon are my definite favorite limited edition Oreo's

And there you have it

The summer limited edition Oreo cookies brought to you by yours truly

So, if you ever find a new Oreo, you are more than welcome to send me a package or 4

I promise I'll give them a good home


Pat Tillett said...

I would love to try all those cookies. I think I'll always like the original best, but I'd sure like to taste them all.

There isn't much I like better than taking a bite out of a nice home grown tomato, but I wouldn't just take a bite out of one growing on a plant that doesn't belong to me, and then just leave the other part sitting there still on the plant. I'd take the whole thing!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Loved, loved, loved your cookie review. I still have to say, Cool Mint is my all time favorite.

I am going to have to show Mr. Dazee the picture of the deer that ate your tomatoes. Honestly, you know how I feel about deer. They suck.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

I love you for your Oreo fixation and because you are generally awesome!

Hang in there, hon. Better days will be there soon.


Venassa said...

We don't get special Oreo flavors around here so looking all those yummy photos is making me sad and hungry :p
Good luck to your hubby with his job hunt. Sadly, I'm in the same boat right now, except moving isn't an option for us because of the kids and their other parents. No fun :(