Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday quotes, awards, and "Well, what's your answer"


Did you see I have a new follower?

Hello Kendra!! I hope you have fun and enjoy your stay!!

I've received a couple of awards that I need to talk about, and then we'll get to the quotes

They are both from Dazee Dreamer who's amazing and wonderful and hilarious

Thanks Dazee!! :D

The first one is this:

I think this one is cute. :)

There is a question with this and it goes like this:

If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

Well...there are a lot of things I wish I wouldn't have had to go through in my life, but I know that they made me who I am today and I wouldn't change that. 

If anything, I wish I could have been more bold on my mission. I wish I hadn't been so timid. 

But, as I view it, there's no point in looking back and wanting to change things. Just remember what you learned from the situation and use it in the future.

At least that's what the smarter, more mature side of me says...sometimes it's hard to listen.

Award #2:


I think there are a couple of things that go along with this award...let me go look...

*elevator music plays in the background*

Okay, first things first:

1. Accept the award and thank the giver

I accept the award with all of the gratitude I have and thank you very much for bestowing this wonderful gift on me

(was that good enough?)

2. Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers

I'm going to skip that...I'm giving it to all of you!!  I have made good friends on this blogger world and you're all amazing. So I give it to all of you. 

Go ahead and get the award if you want...I'll wait...

*hums quietly to herself*

Okay, next I told Dazee I'd link up with her...

So here I go :)

It's my first link up, so wish me luck!!

So Dazee over at Crazy Daze and Nite Dreams is staring this new meme and because I love her I thought I'd play along. :) 

It's called:

I have to interject something. Will you laugh at me and think I'm dumb if I tell you that I've read her posts with this meme about 4 or 5 times now and this is the first time I got the double meaning behind the picture...I just thought she chose it cause it was a pretty I'm dumb...

Today's questions:

1. What do you think other people think of you? Do you think they see you the way you really are?

Other people probably think I'm quiet...because in public I am. I grew to hate socializing on my mission and unfortunately it's made me really quiet in public. If it's a group I'm 100% comfortable with (family, close friends, Boyfriend) then I can talk and it's not a big deal...but make me make small talk with people I don't see all the time or what not, and I hate it. For that people probably think I'm very shy and reserved. I think they see a part of me that's the real me. And if they've known me long enough, they know the me before the mission too. But there is that part that is outgoing and talkative and loves to be around just tends to hide more.

2. Have you thought about what you want your epitaph to read?

I think about it when I see movies with people deciding what they want on their grave marker, or when someone I know has died and I see their grave marker. I hope to have lived the kind of life where they'll (they being my kids) only put something nice. I don't really want to say "this is the only thing you're allowed to put on there" because I want it to come from them. I just hope that I leave a good impression behind and they put nice, kind "she was a good listener who loved those around her" or "she loved to serve those she came in contact with"...probably not with that many words though. 
If I were to make a choice, I would probably want it to say "she was a star" or something like that with a star engraved on it. I would love that. :)

And now, for the quotes...

"Ahhh. A man with a sharp wit. Someone ought to take it away from him before he cuts himself."

- Peter da Silva

"A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that works."

- John Gaule

"Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you're going to do now and do it."

- William Durant

And the word of the day is:

jactation: a restless tossing of the body
boasting; bragging.

"As Denis sat alone in the silent, cabined space of his compartment, tossed this way and that by the jactation, he felt suddenly that the grinding wheels of the train spoke to him."

I hope you all had a fabulous Sunday. :)



Jami said...

I LOVE words, but I am not sure if I would be comfortable using the word jactation. If I do, I'll let you know how many jaws drop. I does sound like something one wouldn't say in front of children. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love this post! I'm taking the award- thank you! You've made me think a lot, today!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Thanks so much for linking up. You rock. And I love your answers. The star is so you!!!

Kendra Sue said...

Hey! Thanks for the welcoming; you're so sweet! I wish I was bolder too. I love the Durant quote, writing that one down.

Bossy Betty said...

Congrats on you awards!