Friday, September 17, 2010

Tan lines

I have this thing about tan lines...

I love them!!

Especially random ones

Like these that I found on the internet:

this one is CRAZY!! even if it is fake!!


I mostly thought this was funny cause her name is Amanda too

I think the year before I went on my mission was when it all really started

That was the year I really started working outside on a consecutive basis

Peach called me her Indian Sister I was so dark

(I tried to find a picture...but I can't find the one I know I have somewhere...)

(I just read Peach's blog and had to have a little bit of a freak out...sorry I'm back)

(Can I just say first that I am very jealous of her right now????????)


One day....

Anyway, on my mission I was the same way. I wore my watch, bracelet, and ring on the same wrists/finger every day cause of the tan line thing

Like so.

I had a picture taken of the ring line but I can't find it...same with the watch

See, it's not so much the tan that I love, but the tan lines!!

They're just so cool!!

That's my feet on the mission.

The mission pretty much destroyed my they look ugly in that picture.

But I love my tan line. :)

That was last years tan line

One of my favorites to be perfectly honest

This years. Not NEARLY as good as last years...but I wasn't outside as much like I was last year.

That's another girls I work with...I have a picture of the tan line of Mr. Boss Man as well...but he made me promise not to post it on my blog. And while he doesn't read it and will never know...I shall keep my promise...

The other point of this is to say goodbye to summer

So long, horrid, wretched, heat

Farewell bringer of sweat

I shall not miss you!!

Yay for fall!!!!

Bring on the cooler weather!!!!

And then...SNOW!! :D

It's one of my most favorite things ever. :)

My head is now saying "You've been up far too long. I was tired this morning when you woke do you think I feel now?!?! GO TO BED!!"

*sigh* Okay...

If you happen to notice the time this was posted, just ignore it and pretend not to see...


Night everyone!!


Julie said...

Tan lines are really cool sometimes. Since I never go without socks except to swim I have a massive on where the leg end and foot starts. I love the sandle lines.
I hope you got enough sleep to funtion today. I'll get that picture taken when the sun wakes up.
You can keep the snow, I live where we have it at least 6 months a year and that is more then enough. I'm not ready to be cold and out of my shorts yet.
Have a great day and God Bless!!

jayayceeblog said...

I love Fall but am not a big fan of snow. The only time I want to see snow is on Christmas Eve and that doesn't happen much in Phoenix. And when it does, it doesn't even stick. Love your tan lines ... farewell, Summer! And the dog-shaped tan line is a hoot!!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

one forty five am!!! you need to get some sleep.

ok, tht one mom with the white throat. way too much time at the tanning beds. and some of and that bike rider dude with the white, white, white body. yikes. I think you may have outdone me on this one. And I love it.

Amy said...

I want the tan line in that 2nd picture! Wicked awesome. :D

Noelle said...

You're kinda weird! :)

The Broderick Family Blog said...

We said goodbye to summer with a tornado destroying all of the greenhouses on campus! I've never seen anything like that in my life!
PS I completely agree with Noelle :)
PSS or PPS I don't see how Mr. Boss not reading your blog is keeping your promise to him.

Bossy Betty said...

WoW! These pictures are amazing. I thought I had tan lines on my feetsies, but you win!

Jami said...

Redheads do not tan on their feet...or at least I don't. Frankly, I didn't know it was possible 'til I had my own little dark skinned babies.

Venassa said...

Haha this is so random. Tan lines can be pretty cool. I LOVE the second picture. I barely got any tan lines this summer. I don't tan well at all.

Anonymous said...

Amanda... those tan lines scared me for a bit! You guys become so tan with a little sun! Doesn't it hurt? I love last year's tan too... I stared at it so long. I was amazed. Going to look at Noelle's blog & figure what you're jealous of. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! Now I know! Jealous, jealous, jealous... Me too!