Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Quotes

I'm still thinking Dazee...I'll link up I promise

There's a local country radio station that I listen to that likes to do tributes to important things going on

Like, for example, a few years ago they did a song by Lonestar with clips interspersed throughout the song of people who had husbands/fathers/loved ones in the armed forces talking about said loved one and how much they missed and how much their kids missed them...

It makes me cry every time

Well this year they did one for 9/11 about Americans showing pride in their country and waving their flags, etc. I didn't hear the whole thing, but what I did hear made me cry.

There was a man that called in who told this story: "The other night (the night before 9/11) I was tucking in my 7 year old daughter to bed and reading her stories and she gave me a flag that she had drawn on a piece of paper and cut out. She said to me "Daddy, I want you to wear this pinned to your chest tomorrow in honor of all of the kids out there who don't have parents any more to read to them and tuck them into bed like I do." DJ: "I bet you're wearing that flag right now aren't you." Father: "I am, with all of the pride in my heart."

I just cried when I heard that. And then I told Boyfriend about it today and we both cried. And then I told my mom about it and we both cried.

It really touched my heart to see that little girl show so much compassion for people that she didn't even know, and it made me want to be a better person.

So tonight, with that in mind, I share these quotes:

"Our only concern should be to do better than we did yesterday. Step by step is the law of growth. God does not expect the acorn to be a mighty oak before it has been a sapling."

-George E. Carpenter

"Shape up. I say that to myself constantly. Shape up. Stand a little taller. Be a little better, a little stronger, a little more thoughtful, a little more humble, a little more prayerful..."

-Gordon B. Hinkley

"Love your country. Your country is the land where your parents sleep, where is spoken that language in which the chosen of your heart, blushing, whispered the first word of love; it is the home that God has given you that by striving to perfect yourselves therein you may prepare to ascend to Him."

-Giuseppe Mazzini

And the word of the day is:
subaudition - an act or instance of understanding or mentally supplying something not expressed

I hope you all had a great Sunday!!

Yay for Monday tomorrow? :p



Dazee Dreamer said...

There is a christmas song/video, I think it I'll be Home For Christmas, that has kids and parents that at war talking to their kids. I cry every time I hear it. Now I have to go find the one you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

And now you told us and we all cried! Bless that little baby & bless you for sharing!

I love the quotes from today! Number 1 is my favorite!

Happy Monday!!! ;) :D

Together We Save said...

Thanks for sharing! I love those quotes!

jayayceeblog said...

Thanks for the heartwarming story and beautiful quotes!!!

Baby Sister said...

@ Together - Glad you liked!! Thanks for stopping by, it's always nice to see new faces. ;)

@ jayaycee - Glad you liked. :)