Sunday, January 9, 2011

A dose of insanity

I must still be in holiday mode because I was going to do a post yesterday but completely forgot about it...

I was working on some stuff in Photoshop and I kept thinking there was something missing, but I couldn't think of what it would be

I kept wracking my brain, but I think I was so excited to have an open evening where I could just work on some projects that it inhibited all ability to think straight

Today is a very special day in the story of Boyfriend/Baby Sister

Today is Boyfriend's birthday!!

He is turning the big 25

which, if we're going to be honest, is slightly depressing for me because it means in a few short months I'll be turning the even bigger 26

But it's not about me's all about Boyfriend

One of the features on the new iPod touch (and on the iPhone 4) is FaceTime

It's this program that lets you video chat with anyone that has the new iPod touch or iPhone 4 as long as you both have a WiFi connection

So this morning both of our alarms went off at 6:20 (I know, ridiculously early)

He sleeps with his phone and his iPod touch by his bed so I concocted a plan last night before I went to bed

I was going to going to send a request to his iPod to FaceTime with me, and because he keeps it by his bed, he would hear it and answer and it could be a happy surprise

At about 6:25 I sent the request through. I figured I'd have to be a little patient because he usually snoozes his alarm a couple of times before actually getting out of bed

So I let it ring

and ring

and ring

and ring

After a minute or so of not being answered, I decided to hang up and try again, thinking maybe he was one of those people that needed to be called 8 times and hung up on each time to get the drift that his phone was ringing

So I tried again and let it ring

and ring

and ring

and ring

That Boyfriend of mine is sure a heavy sleeper!!

So I texted him and told him to answer his iPod and let it ring

and ring

and ring

and ring

And still nada

Finally I went with my last resort...I called him

He answered the phone and said "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"Yes, I do. Now I need you to answer your iPod"


"Because I told you to"

Finally he answered...and I immediately turned off my lamp because he didn't have his light on and I couldn't see him so I figured that was only fair

And so I sang him happy birthday in the dark...I thought it was very Jane Austen era of me :)

Then I decided I would take him lunch at work, so I went to Del Taco and got both of us a burrito and chilli cheese fries...hmmm nummy

Oh, and a Dr. Pepper of course...musn't forget that

Then after we got home from work, we went down to the building where missionaries for our church go for a certain period of time before they're sent out into the world to help them and do a little bit of service...we're going to start doing it once a week for like six months or so

Then we went to the BEST ice cream place in Utah County, the BYU Creamery and got some ice cream...oh that stuff is heavenly

Next week after I get paid we're going to go to  PF Chang's because he LOVES Chinese and he has never been there before

I gave him a new blanket because he needs as many as he can get in the winter time, and I gave him a new copy of the Bible because he couldn't find his before he moved

Anyway, it was a good day...he hates all of the attention he gets from anyone, but I love finally having someone to celebrate with as a significant other :)

And as part of his birthday present I am going to snuggle with him :)

I hope you all had a great Saturday!!



Powdered Toast Man said...

It's ironic that his name is Boyfriend and he is your boyfriend. His parents were thinking ahead on that one.

Dazee Dreamer said...

haha powdered toast man, you just cracked me up.

happy birthday a day late to boyfriend.

PF Changs. Jealous a little.

Anonymous said...

Hey Boyfriend- "Happy Birthday, belated!!" :) :) :)

Baby Platt, I read this post twice. Twice because it made me so very happy for you. I really really love that this guy means so much to you and that you'll have this cute story in the making... It's awesome! :) said...

You're such a sweet girlfriend. You're both lucky for the snuggle time. I hope it was a great birthday.

PTM always cracks me up.

jayayceeblog said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday. You are a very sweet significant other!!! I love that you sang to him so early -- in the dark -- that's sooooo romantic! Happy Birthday, Boyfriend! =D

Laura Darling said...

What cute things you did for his birthday! I went to PF Chang's the other night for the first time, and I LOVED it! Have fun when you go, and happy bday to your boyfriend!

Jami said...

I've never been to PF Changs and we used to lived just a couple of miles from one. :(

I hope Boyfriend had a Happy Birthday, it sounds like he did! Oh to be 25 again!