Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paul Anka

The title of this post has really nothing to do with anything...besides the fact that I'm watching Gilmore Girls again

I have spent all afternoon downloading fonts for my computer just cause I was bored with what I had

I found all of these free font websites...and an adobe program that I want...unfortunately it's out of my price range at the moment...

$2,000 out of my price range...bleh

I took some Advil Cold & Sinus too...I'm a big fan of that stuff

I wrote my first HTML document today as well, which was very exciting

AND!! My computer has 2 blue LED fans in the front, and Boyfriend found purple ones!! So I ordered those today as well :D :D

I also went and ordered new checks, which is always exciting

I went to the mall and bought birthday presents for 2 of my nieces...and they were on sale for $10 each!! Score!!

All in all, it wasn't a bad day off

Last night I hung out with some friends and we ate at Panda Express and made sugar cookies and iced them

We got a little crazy, but it was tons of fun and just the pick-me-up I needed

I went a little crazy with my new camera at work the other day

boyfriend wasn't having a great day...

these flowers are not from my work...I just happened to be at work when I took them

doesn't that look so cool?? I thought so

You might be seeing lots more pictures lately now that I have a real camera... :D

Okay folks, I'm off to bed

I hope you had a good day!!


p.s. let's say that the title is there to warn you that this post was full of random nothings that weren't important in any way, shape, or form...i like that idea


Mal Mecham said...

A) I'm now craving sugar cookies. And I blame you. B) I love that you love the Gilmores as much as I do. We NEED to have a party soon. Maybe when I'm down that way during spring break after they've pulled my tonsils out? It would give me something to look forward to. :) Love you lots!!

Powdered Toast Man said...

I got dibs on the one that looks like a goldfish cracker!!

jayayceeblog said...

Your flower pictures are amazing ... keep 'em coming! They'd make beautiful photo greeting cards. =D The minute I saw your post title, I thought of the dog on The Gilmore Girls. Thanks for the smile! said...

Mmm, that shoe cookie looks the yummiest. Those are great photos, especially the close up with the rose. It looks professionally done.
Have a good Friday and weekend, friend.

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look BEAuTIFUL! I thought the pictures look gorgeous, too! You're on a roll, Baby Platt!! :) High-five!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Those cookies look fabulous. Yum-my

I loved your pictures. especially the ice one. If you get as hooked as me with my camera, watch out world.

purple LED lights you rock

Julie said...

Those cookies looked wonderful. I'm glad you had a great day off and were feeling good enough to get out and about.
Have a great weekend. God Bless!!

Laura Darling said...

Those pictures of the flowers are fantastic!!