Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random thoughts anyone??

So, I was eating lunch today and reading a People magazine when I saw something that about made me die of shock

Do you all remember him?

Drew Carey?

Well, he now looks like this:

It doesn't even look like him!! That is just so awesome!! I am so proud of him!! 

I also apparently like exclamation points tonight!! :)

Remember how I said once upon a time that I collect Disney mugs?

Well, I have this one set

That's not quite complete

I'm missing Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas

So, Mr Boss Man offered to get it for me when he went to Disneyland

Yesterday he sent me this picture

:D Doesn't it look so cool?? I'm so excited to get it!!

So, I got this text...yesterday I think

And last night I guess I was excited about it somewhere in my subconscious because my dreams were filled with Disney mugs and buying them and misplacing them and having to go search for them...

Let's just say it was a relief to wake up this morning and see that all of my mugs were still there

Speaking of Disney, I went to the Disney store the other week and found these

They were on sale for $3.99 each!! Isn't that awesome??

They each have different characters from Fantasia and they're so cute!!

Are you ready for the random change of thought that comes next?

What do you do in YOUR house when you're dealing with a pregnant woman's cravings?

In my house we:

Go to Los Hermanos for lunch

And we

Get shakes at Iceberg

And we

Go to Del Taco for lunch (not to get the tacos, but the burritos)

And we

Go to Subway

And sometimes we

Go to a nummy sandwich place called Kneaders

And, of course, we

Go to Wendy's

I'm really going to have to start going to the gym on a more regular basis, cause I can't pass up opportunities like this...bonding moments with the hermana and nummy lunch every day...*sigh* The best :)

Alright, and with that, I need to go to bed

I am tired and I do have to get up at a decent time tomorrow so that I can not feel like I've wasted the day

I hope you all had a GREAT Wednesday!!



Dazee Dreamer said...

and now I'm completely hungry. And I love the cup that Mr. Boss Man is getting for you. Sooooo cute.

jayayceeblog said...

That was one tasty looking stretch of food options! I was thinking about all your wonderful Disney mugs and how maybe at night they all come to life and become their actual characters and dance and sing around your house. Wouldn't that make a cool story / movie? Okay, Miss Fabulous Disney Mug Collector, how about it??? I'll bet you could make up the best story!!!

Julie said...

And I just got back from the gym and you're showing food, good yummy bad for my tummy food. UGH!!! Guess I better find something to eat soo.
I so love you're mugs. Where do you keep them all? In a hutch or do you use them? Just curious.
Hope you're have a great day. Take car and God Bless!!

Amy said...

Well? (like Noelle) could you move into my house so I can eat good food every day? Thanks.

Platt, your mug obsession is insane. :) I'm glad your daddy loves you.

Noelle said...

Dear Baby sister, you make me look like some kind of fast food junkie!!! Dear Amy, I'm on my way!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Holy Heaven!! Getting pregnant has so many advantages?? No wonder she hasn't blogged much in so long. No, she's not missed us... oh no! She hasn't even noticed that we haven't been part of her days! :0 :0 :0

And you Baby Platt? You've been chomping away on that gorgeous food, too? I'm going to get me another coffee. I'm sure this Hermana deserves at least that!

p.s. the mug looks hot!!!