Monday, June 14, 2010

Case of the Monday...smiles?

I hate Monday.

With a passion.

Every time Monday comes around, I just want to crawl in bed and hide under the covers and not come out till Tuesday...or maybe make it safe, we better say Thursday. :)

Lest you think I'm a hateful person (I promise, I'm not...) let my explain my reasoning for this.

Every single time a Monday comes around, multiple things go wrong with my day. I always wake up tired, always have a headache, and SOOOO many things go wrong at work.

Let's just say that last night I was NOT looking forward to today.

But I prepared myself. I got mostly ready for bed before Boyfriend got home from work at 10:00 and kept watch on the clock the whole time he was there so that he could leave on-time(which is 11:00)...or close to it anyway. :) 11:00 came around and we had just finished saying our nightly prayer. He got all ready to go, I walked him upstairs, we said our goodnights to each other, I went back downstairs and brushed my teeth, then went straight to bed. It was 11:20ish.

When my alarm went off the next morning, I snoozed it twice and on the 3rd time got myself out of bed. Which, here lately, is good for me. I used to be better...then I got lazy. :)

While I was getting ready, I didn't feel too tired, but I did notice the headache. It was turning out to be a typical Monday.

Got to work reasonably on time, and got ready to go about my day. (For those who don't know, I work for my dad who owns Linden Nursery. I'm in charge of planting all of the flowers and veggies and stuff to get ready to sell. :) )

After 20 minutes, I was already in BIG trouble with the Greenhouse Manager...we'll call him Mr. Boss Man. Apparently I had forgotten to write down the number of flats of a certain flower I had planted...oops. I could tell it was going to be a LONG day!

Then, awhile later, I walked into one of our offices where my sister, whom some of you know as Noelle, I shall call her Peach, works. I was getting ready to leave a few minutes later and could not find my sunglasses ANYWHERE! I looked in all the different offices, in the bathroom, everywhere and they were no where to be found. Finally I asked Peach if she had seen them and she told me she had, but she couldn't remember. As she was sitting there thinking about it, she looked up at me and started laughing. I tried to get out of her why she was laughing, but she couldn't talk. So I asked if it was because she thought her glasses were mine, she shook her head while tears were streaming down her face (she could make a river she was crying so much)...finally I stood there trying to figure out what else could make her laugh and it dawned on me. I reached up and touched the top of my head and what do you know. My glasses were right there. :) I felt like I was loosing my mind...

Surprisingly enough though, the rest of the day turned out REALLY good! My headache eventually went away, I still wasn't tired, Boyfriend came and said hello at work, and! The most exciting news of the day! I finally got back to the gym. :) It felt nice to go back.

Speaking of Boyfriend, he's being unusually cute with me tonight and I'm trying to figure out what his deal is. He keeps saying cute telling me I'm hotter than the sun. Hmmm...

The other exciting news today is Mr. Boss Man gave me a new recipe to try. :) It's Strawberry Banana Bread with a Lemon Glaze. I'm going to make it on Wednesday. I'm SOOOOO excited!! :D I'll let you know how it turns out.

*sigh* I'm sorry if my excessive typing has caused your eyes to shrivel up...I'm kind of detail oriented, so I give LOTS of details when I tell family kinda gets tired of it and laughs at me a lot...

Maybe I'll have to work on that...

Anyway, I must go change and fetch a bowl of cereal. I hope you all had a FABULOUS Monday as well and that you have a GREAT evening!!



Dazee Dreamer said...

ok, that banana bread sounds delish

Jessica said...

You know, I'm awfully glad you blog now since I NEVER get to see you. Maybe you should bring me some of that bread to make up for it. ;)

Noelle said...

Think maybe you're exaggerating your story about my tears just a bit???

Kristie said...

Dear Sister Platts (or is it Sisters Platt...Sisters Platts?),
I would be surprised if there was exaggeration about the tears.
A Friend

Feeling Just Right said...

Haha! Baby sister, I like you :)

Exaggerate. Write too much detail. Do it all. It makes me happy. Kid sisters are meant to be that way. I know I am. And that is cute!

There's this thing you ought to know about me. I love food. The recipe part sounds perfect. I'm wondering how you're going to send it me.

p.s. Noelle's cookies never came.

Noelle said...

Okay, you tell me how to get cookies to INDIA and they'll be on the way!!!

And ps. I think you should know that Baby Sister wrote that poem...she may kill me for telling you but I think you need to know the truth! :)

Still mad???

Feeling Just Right said...

OMG! Really?? Holy!

Baby sister. You ought to brag about that! OMG! That was amazing! You know, right? It TOTALLY was.

No, not mad. Not mad anymore. But will need to vent in an email to you Noelle. Beware.

Fine, the distance might be a BIT of a problem, BUT I deserve a picture of the cookies at least.

Baby Sister- you put a picture of the food on Wednesday, okay?