Friday, June 25, 2010

Cars and ice cream

I just got home from work.

And I'm HUNGRY!!

But I can't eat...

Cause I don't know what Boyfriend wants to do for dinner

And he's still at work.

So, I figured I'd take the next best healthy alternative.

A mint chocolate chip fat boy! :D

See? Look at me being all healthy and stuff. :)

So I have another story for you!






...I'm waiting...

Oh! I was supposed to tell YOU the story.

Silly me. :)

Okay, here I go.

Once a week Mr. Garbage Man comes and empties our garbage cans

So, once a week I know to be careful and not run into them as I leave the house in the morning

This is where I admit that I don't ALWAYS succeed.

Sometimes they're closer to the driveway than I'm used to.

And sometimes I just kind of forget.

But it's never really hurt my car.

It usually just pushes my mirror a little bit and that's it.

Well....a couple of months ago I forgot it was garbage day.

And I was in a hurry to get to work...

So I must have been driving a little faster than normal.

Anyway, I ran into the garbage can

Completely took me by surprise

And shattered my side mirror on the driver's side. -.-

It was not good...

Eventually I got it fixed, and I can now see again.

And I've been EXXXXTRA careful since then.

Well, today I was backing out

And Mr. Garbage Man had already come and got the garbage

And they NEVER put them back nicely.

I saw it when I pulled into the driveway...

But completely spaced it when I was backing out

Luckily I just hit it with my back bumper

But it scared me so bad I jumped!

And all Boyfriend did is laugh at me...the terd.

I was just so focused on making sure the person to my right wasn't going to walk behind me

That I completely didn't even think about it. *sigh*

Oh well, at least it didn't do any damage!

This afternoon when I got out of my car at work

I saw a mother duck and her little ducklings right behind her

Just making there way to our little river we have at work.

So I followed them and took a picture

It's not very good cause I only have my phone camera

But they were so cute!!!!

In other news...



And I'm not excited.

And I may or may not have let out a little squeal of happiness when she shut the door...

So I told Boyfriend we had to celebrate tonight.

Don't know HOW we're going to...maybe just go get something to eat.

But we gotta do something!!

And with that, I better go get ready cause he's gonna be home soon.

I hope you all have a fabulous day/night/whatever you want to call it. :)

Be prepared for another story tomorrow!!!!



Anonymous said...

I am hungry too! For the first time, someone other than me says they are hungry! I love it!!

Let's eat :D

In celebration of Connie's last day, someone is playing instrumental music somewhere around my house.

I first smiled at this welcoming sound, telling me it is 6:15am and that the world will be up soon and that the Mother will feed me. But now, it is repeating and won't go.

I wish I could record and attach a video clip and share. It sounds like a telephone ring. Been on for 20 minutes NON STOP, you know, NON STOP. And I am hungry. And when I am hungry and reading biochem, I am angry...

Oh, Mother duck and her beautiful ducklings look lovely :) :) That picture made me imagine you running after them!!!

You're actually going to be able to wait for boyfriend's return to eat?? Love must really be a strong thing!

Baby Sister said...

Haha. I'm sorry you have to deal with annoying music!! That's annoying.

Jessica said...

Kudos for focusing on the person passing by. Better that the garbage can met your bumper than a pedestrian, eh? ;)