Thursday, June 24, 2010

Too many choices...

I have so many things I want to say to start off my blog...

Start #1: One of my followers, Joanne, saved me from having to hack into Peach's blog

And beg for a new follower.

You see, the number was at 19. And I'm a little bit obsessive compulsive

And happen to not like odd numbers...

So it was driving me crazy that it was at 19

And not at a happy, nice, even 20.

So I was planning on begging for someone to follow me.

Then she came along and did it without me begging. :D

Thanks Joanne!!

Start #2: I learned something about myself today.

I am my very. own. personal. radio.

I followed FJRs advice

And didn't listen to music today

(except in my car for the 2 minutes it takes to drive to work)

And there was always a song in my head.

All day.

I kind of like my radio, because there aren't as many commercials

And I play many different genres of music.

Spanish included.

So yeah.

Any of you want to tune into the radio in my head

Just let me know.

Start #3: Tomorrow is Connie's last day at work!!!!

And ummm....I'm not excited. At all.

Lest you think I hate her, I don't.

It just gets tiring being the only one that can communicate with her.

She's a very nice woman though.

Start #4: I didn't sleep very well last tummy was upset.

So I'm very tired.

But I'm trying to not be so ornery.

Start #3 part b: Speaking of Connie, she almost gave me a heart attack today.

I almost thought she mixed 2 different varieties of the same plant...

And since we're growing them to sell...

That would be bad.

Cause we wouldn't be able to tell them apart for a VERY long time.

But not to worry.

She didn't.

Start #5: When I left my house this morning to go to work

my nephew was already outside working on one of his projects in the yard

(It was at about 9:00ish)

When I got home, he was still in the yard. :)

He amazes me with all of his energy!!

Start #6: Did you know you can feed the fish at the bottom of the blog?

It's true. Just click on the water. It's even more fun!

Start #7(the last one) : Since FJR is trying to figure out my family

I thought I'd introduce them to you

So be ready for a bombardment of pictures. (Yes. Bombardment)



Once upon a time, Papa Smurf and Mama Smurf fell in love and got married.

A few years down the road,

They had

then twins

then my other sister (who was a twin but it was miscarried during the pregnancy)

then me

more specifically they are:

Becca, then Jared, then Noelle (the triplets)

Heather and Ben (the twins)


and me.

Everyone is married now but Becca and I.

There are 10 grandkids.

Oldest is 9, youngest is 2 months old.

The most recent family picture I have:

That was...almost 3 years ago. So two more husbands...

and 3 more grand kids. :)

So there you go!

That is my family in a nutshell. :)

I will end with a funny quote I read the other day.

(I don't remember it exactly, nor who said sorry)

"It's really hard to conquer the world when you're supposed to be sleeping 8 hours every day"

Or something like that.

I tend to like my sleep...

So I guess it's a good thing I don't want to conquer the world. :)

Good night bloggers!! See you tomorrow!


Jessica said...

Bombardment! Do you watch Simpsons? That just made me laugh. (I know, it's shocking that I would be the one making a Simpson's reference).

I love, love the pictures! So fun!

Baby Sister said...

Well, I've seen a few episodes...not that one though. That's funny. :)

Anonymous said...

I am GRINNING. So much that I had to come comment before I completed reading. Will read now. And grin some more :D

Twins too? Really? Wow.

Baby Sister said...

Lol. You're cute. :)

Dazee Dreamer said...

ok, ummmm, triplets, then twins, and they still had more kids after that. your mom is an amazing woman.

Baby Sister said...

Yes she is Dazee. I agree. :)

Anonymous said...

It is 7:30 am here. Perfect Platt post for me :) I tell you, the day I found your family, has been a good day for me!

Firstly, Mama Smurf's smile reminds me of Noelle's.

You have beautiful eyes and I love your hairdo in that baby picture!!

Oh, all you kids have a somewhat similar smile- haha! I am scrutinizing! Feel scared. Feel very scared!!

I LOVE that family picture! So, who just got married? Tiffany? The picture was on Noelle's blog, in those cute pink-orange-white matchy clothes.

Also, I am trying to look for Trouble. Can't. Help.

Dazee Dreamer said...

oh and i totally fed the fish for you. you're welcome

Baby Sister said...

Thanks Dazee!! :D

Tiffany just got married.

That picture was taken when Trouble was a little my sister (Heather) is holding her.

Baby Sister said...

Well, Noelle got married, then Tiff. So hers was more recent.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! So, Heather is Trouble's Mom? NOW I am starting to get it all!

Oh, you ought to know this. Guess what? Today, I can't even get the fish moving in circles and I see no water even.

Praise the Lord that it is Connie's last day! No, I like her, too. I am just happy.

Go Joanne! Good decision!

Step 3 part b had me laughing so loud!!

Baby Sister said...

Yes Trouble belongs to Heather. :)

Well that's weird...I wonder why you can't see my stuff...I don't approve!!

Anonymous said...

:D :D

Thank you Baby Platt, for a good happy INFORMATIVE post!

Big hug.

Will go read now!

You have a very fun evening! :)

Baby Sister said...

Thanks. :) Good luck with your reading!! Have a good day! *hug*

Anonymous said...

:) Ha! Your wishes work on me!

Now, you wish that I complete Biochemistry soon. I'd love for that wish to work. I am in mental agony. Wish wish wish.

Baby Sister said...

Wish wish wish... ;)