Thursday, June 24, 2010

Too many choices...

I have so many things I want to say to start off my blog...

Start #1: One of my followers, Joanne, saved me from having to hack into Peach's blog

And beg for a new follower.

You see, the number was at 19. And I'm a little bit obsessive compulsive

And happen to not like odd numbers...

So it was driving me crazy that it was at 19

And not at a happy, nice, even 20.

So I was planning on begging for someone to follow me.

Then she came along and did it without me begging. :D

Thanks Joanne!!

Start #2: I learned something about myself today.

I am my very. own. personal. radio.

I followed FJRs advice

And didn't listen to music today

(except in my car for the 2 minutes it takes to drive to work)

And there was always a song in my head.

All day.

I kind of like my radio, because there aren't as many commercials

And I play many different genres of music.

Spanish included.

So yeah.

Any of you want to tune into the radio in my head

Just let me know.

Start #3: Tomorrow is Connie's last day at work!!!!

And ummm....I'm not excited. At all.

Lest you think I hate her, I don't.

It just gets tiring being the only one that can communicate with her.

She's a very nice woman though.

Start #4: I didn't sleep very well last tummy was upset.

So I'm very tired.

But I'm trying to not be so ornery.

Start #3 part b: Speaking of Connie, she almost gave me a heart attack today.

I almost thought she mixed 2 different varieties of the same plant...

And since we're growing them to sell...

That would be bad.

Cause we wouldn't be able to tell them apart for a VERY long time.

But not to worry.

She didn't.

Start #5: When I left my house this morning to go to work

my nephew was already outside working on one of his projects in the yard

(It was at about 9:00ish)

When I got home, he was still in the yard. :)

He amazes me with all of his energy!!

Start #6: Did you know you can feed the fish at the bottom of the blog?

It's true. Just click on the water. It's even more fun!

Start #7(the last one) : Since FJR is trying to figure out my family

I thought I'd introduce them to you

So be ready for a bombardment of pictures. (Yes. Bombardment)



Once upon a time, Papa Smurf and Mama Smurf fell in love and got married.

A few years down the road,

They had

then twins

then my other sister (who was a twin but it was miscarried during the pregnancy)

then me

more specifically they are:

Becca, then Jared, then Noelle (the triplets)

Heather and Ben (the twins)


and me.

Everyone is married now but Becca and I.

There are 10 grandkids.

Oldest is 9, youngest is 2 months old.

The most recent family picture I have:

That was...almost 3 years ago. So two more husbands...

and 3 more grand kids. :)

So there you go!

That is my family in a nutshell. :)

I will end with a funny quote I read the other day.

(I don't remember it exactly, nor who said sorry)

"It's really hard to conquer the world when you're supposed to be sleeping 8 hours every day"

Or something like that.

I tend to like my sleep...

So I guess it's a good thing I don't want to conquer the world. :)

Good night bloggers!! See you tomorrow!


Jessica said...

Bombardment! Do you watch Simpsons? That just made me laugh. (I know, it's shocking that I would be the one making a Simpson's reference).

I love, love the pictures! So fun!

Baby Sister said...

Well, I've seen a few episodes...not that one though. That's funny. :)

Feeling Just Right said...

I am GRINNING. So much that I had to come comment before I completed reading. Will read now. And grin some more :D

Twins too? Really? Wow.

Baby Sister said...

Lol. You're cute. :)

Dazee Dreamer said...

ok, ummmm, triplets, then twins, and they still had more kids after that. your mom is an amazing woman.

Baby Sister said...

Yes she is Dazee. I agree. :)

Feeling Just Right said...

It is 7:30 am here. Perfect Platt post for me :) I tell you, the day I found your family, has been a good day for me!

Firstly, Mama Smurf's smile reminds me of Noelle's.

You have beautiful eyes and I love your hairdo in that baby picture!!

Oh, all you kids have a somewhat similar smile- haha! I am scrutinizing! Feel scared. Feel very scared!!

I LOVE that family picture! So, who just got married? Tiffany? The picture was on Noelle's blog, in those cute pink-orange-white matchy clothes.

Also, I am trying to look for Trouble. Can't. Help.

Dazee Dreamer said...

oh and i totally fed the fish for you. you're welcome

Baby Sister said...

Thanks Dazee!! :D

Tiffany just got married.

That picture was taken when Trouble was a little my sister (Heather) is holding her.

Baby Sister said...

Well, Noelle got married, then Tiff. So hers was more recent.

Feeling Just Right said...

Ahhh! So, Heather is Trouble's Mom? NOW I am starting to get it all!

Oh, you ought to know this. Guess what? Today, I can't even get the fish moving in circles and I see no water even.

Praise the Lord that it is Connie's last day! No, I like her, too. I am just happy.

Go Joanne! Good decision!

Step 3 part b had me laughing so loud!!

Baby Sister said...

Yes Trouble belongs to Heather. :)

Well that's weird...I wonder why you can't see my stuff...I don't approve!!

Feeling Just Right said...

:D :D

Thank you Baby Platt, for a good happy INFORMATIVE post!

Big hug.

Will go read now!

You have a very fun evening! :)

Baby Sister said...

Thanks. :) Good luck with your reading!! Have a good day! *hug*

Feeling Just Right said...

:) Ha! Your wishes work on me!

Now, you wish that I complete Biochemistry soon. I'd love for that wish to work. I am in mental agony. Wish wish wish.

Baby Sister said...

Wish wish wish... ;)