Sunday, June 13, 2010

Open Mic

*taps finger on microphone*

Hello? Is anyone out there???

After much deliberation, slacking and putting it off, I have finally decided to make my own blog. I wasn't going to because it would just add something else to my already busy life...but I decided it was time when, after something funny or sad...or anything really would happen, I would catch myself thinking "I could post that as a blog and people would read it"


I figured that was a pretty big sign. Like a billboard off of the freeway kind of sign. That big.

Plus I have plenty of people BEGGING (literally, hands and knees were involved) for me to start one that I decided I would indulge. :) Aren't I so kind?

I had decided to start it today after church, but then I ended up going home after an hour because my back was KILLING me. I was going to go back, but I couldn't sit up straight without it hurting so I stayed home. And I thought to myself "Self, now you actually have time to start, so you might as well do it!" And here I am.

Since it is Sunday, I figured I'd leave you with a spirtual post and that I would get into the real nitty and gritty stuff tomorrow. :)

Just a little something to read and think about:

Walking along the empty beach
As the sun sets in the western sky
Thoughts of the past fill my head
Of mistakes I've made, wrongs commited

I sit as I watch the stars fill the night sky
Wondering why I have been so blessed
To have all the things I do, imperfect though I am
How is it that He still loves me and cares for me?

I hear someone in the distance
I feel His presence as He walks in my direction
He stops beside me and looks me in the eye
Reading my thoughts He says "Talk to me"

He sits beside me as I pour out my heart
Telling Him all the reasons I don't deserve
All the blessings and miracles in my life
I've done so much to erase the blessings once promised to me

I end in tears, not daring to look Him in the eye
Afraid He'll tell me I'm right
That I don't deserve it, that I'm a failure
That I'll never make it, so why try

But instead He embraces me
And taking my face in His hands
Softly wipes away my tears
Looking at me, His eyes shining with tears and full of love

Then He turns and looks out at the sea
His arms still around me, comforting me
I turn to look at Him as he thinks
Bracing myself for what is to come

"You know" He said "Before you came here, I knew you
I knew what your mission in life would be
I knew your strengths, your talents and abilities
I knew you would succeed and excell in life"

"But...I also knew your weaknesses
I knew you wouldn't be perfect
That you would fall and stubmle
That you would need help along the way"

"I expected that you would make mistakes
But I wanted you to experience it anyway
To come to Earth and gain a body
To learn and grow to who you can become"

He stopped to gather His thoughts
While I sat staring at the ocean
Wanting to believe it was true
That, just maybe, I was an okay person

"You know" He said again "I did this all for you
I made this ocean, these stars, for you
I've given you everything that you have
I suffered and died for you!"

"Why do yout think I would do that?
Go to the effort to give you everything,
Anything you could ever need
If I thought you didn't deserve it?"

"It's quite the opposite, I can promise you
I did everything because I love you
Because I think you deserve it
And because I know you're worth it."

"I love you" He said as He hugged me and wiped away my tears
Then He stood and walked slowly away
Leaving me to ponder His words and the feelings in my heart
Of gratitude, love, and knowledge that I am worth it.

Just a little poem I discovered about our Saviour. I felt like I should share this today. It makes me cry just about every time I read it. :)

I hope you enjoy and I hope you have a MARVELOUS Sunday. :)


Mal Mecham said...

Yes!! I love stalkers named Manda AND new blogs to read. You have officially made my day...erm, week?

Jessica said...

Umm, did I already comment? I forget. In case I didn't: Yay!! Finally! And I love the background--it's so you.

Heather said...

Hey. I am stopping by from Because Nice Matters and I just wanted to say, "Hi!"

Dazee Dreamer said...

Welcome aboard. I love Noelle's blog, so of course I have to follow. And since I am already an honorary twisted sister........

Feeling Just Right said...

Awww. Baby Platt, you made me cry. And I am thanking you for it. I actually feel better.

See how mad I've been? I was so happy when Noelle said you've started a blog and I didn't even realize I didn't visit. Mad mad mad!

I saw the stars template and laughed so loud! You are a star AND now, you've got another avid follower.

I LOVE that poem. Beautiful.

p.s. Is this "making people cry" part hereditary?? Surely is!