Thursday, June 17, 2010

Drum roll please....

The picture doesn't do it justice.

AT ALL!!!!

The bread is SOOOOO amazing!!!!!

The first batch I had a little technical difficulty with (just silly ol' me forgetting that I shouldn't fill SMALLER bread pans that full...cause they might spill over....I guess there cup was "just filleth over" :p ), but the second (the one pictured) turned out JUST PERFECT!!

The first batch I did following the recipe. And it turned out super delicious.

The second batch I waited for Boyfriend to get off of work to help me with...cause that would be a fun date night I thought. (His friends got sick and canceled on us...sad...)

So in the second batch I had a WONDERFUL idea!!

What goes good with strawberries?

(This is where you say "Chocolate of course!!"...go on...I'm waiting...)

And what goes good with bananas??

(Okay, you should be well practiced by now. Say it with me. "Cho-col-ateeee". Good job!)

So....combining the two with chocolate chips would be heaven in a bread! (In my oh so humble opinion anyway...)

So yes. We combined the second batch with chocolate. How heavenly sounding...right?!?!?! Yeah...I thought so too!!

(Don't hate me when I say I haven't tried yet...I haven't had time...I'll try a slice tomorrow and tell you how it is! Although, I can't imagine it would be bad...)

So there you go. :) The story of the bread!

In other news, I just went and watched the movie Letters to Juliet with Peach and Becca (my other sister) for the second time. Such a good movie!! If you haven't seen it yet, I HIGHLY recommend it!!

With that I will leave you for the evening. But not without something to think about.

One word.


I'll explain why tomorrow. :)

Goodnight my blogging friends!! See you tomorrow!


Feeling Just Right said...

Ohhhh! I saw that picture on my reader and jumped right over! I thought the picture would suffice and really it looks quite yummmm. I would have SO not liked the description of the bread without the picture. There's just one little problem now. I might just eat my screen up and it might not taste so yummy.

And you say chocolate.. that you haven't tasted yet? Really? ummmm... Don't be too worried about me. Worry though. A little. I am scrambling around here, finding no chocolate. BUT it is 7pm. Shops still open. Wooohoo! I gotta go!

People who cook well, I make sure, remain my friends forever.

Baby Sister said...

:) You make me laugh. Don't you worry, I ate other chocolate. Just not that...but today is the day my friend. It was in the fridge to keep it yeah. No worries. I hope you found your chocolate!!

Feeling Just Right said...

I ate a lot of amazing food, too! Yumm. Will wait for a post on how goooood the chocolate and strawberry and banana bread was.