Sunday, June 20, 2010

The randomness that is me

Hello everyone!!

Are you having a good day?

I'm okay.

But I have more funny stories for you!!

You ready???? :D

So yesterday Becca (one of my sisters) and I went to get pedicures.

And she decided we were going to try gel toes.

So we went.

And had the loverly foot massages that go with pedicures.

(Seriously, my favorite part ever)

We left, and Boyfriend and I went to Wallie World to get a movie from Red Box.

I had been a little reluctant to put on my real shoes yet

(they give you fake type flip flops when you get pedicures)

Cause I didn't want my pretty purple sparkly toes to smudge!!

As we were walking into Wallie World I was being really careful

Cause really, the flip flops are flimsy and really easily broken.

And that's when the I guess? happened.

About 10 steps after leaving Wallie World, the left flip flop broke.

And wouldn't stay on my foot. :(

So I had to limp and put most of my weight on my right foot.

It was disgusting!!

And then about 10 steps later...

The other one broke. :'(

I was barefoot.

In the Wallie World parking lot.


I had to walk the rest of the way without shoes...

Walking on the balls of my feet the rest of the time.

And then I had to wipe off my feet in Boyfriend's car.

I felt contaminated.


I felt like I needed to be taken to a sanitation clinic and have my first 3 layers of skin scrubbed off to get rid of the grossness.

I felt violated.

*sigh* At least people got to make up stories about the random pink flip flops they found in the parking lot...right?


Instead of telling you my other story

(I can't give you ALL of my ammo in one night...then what will I say tomorrow?)

I'll leave a tribute to father's for this very special day.

I wasn't going to post it, but Boyfriend is making me.

It's called Hands.

Soft and gentle as they welcome
Their newborn child into the world

Tender but strong and supportive while
Helping their baby adjust to life

Hands that mold and change overtime
Becoming what is needed to help the precious child

Kind and loving as they help their little one
To take their first steps and continue to grow

Soft and caring while they comfort
Soothing the aches and pains that come with life

Hard and firm while teaching
Helping the child to learn between right and wrong

Happy and sad as their child grows
And one days moves on into the world

Anxious and worried, yet proud as they watch
And see all the great things their child accomplishes

And yet through all of their changing
Through all of the different forms they take

There is one thing that always stays
One thing that will always remain the same

The love that eminates through the hands
As the father cares for their child

All the while wanting to help
Feeling all these emotions in his hands

Hands so similar to those of our Eternal Father
Who wants nothing more that to be able to care for us

But because He can't be with us
He sent us another that could protect us

One that would watch over and love us
Who would teach, guide, and direct us

And would love us just as deeply
As our Father in Heaven loves us

And guide and direct us onto the path
That will lead us back home

Goodnight blogging world!

I shall talk to you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem! I LOVE it!! Your Dad must be floored! Big pat on the back! So veryyy cool!

Sad pink flip-flops story. Sorry about contaminated feet. I thought the story would end with you telling us, the boyfriend lifted you into his arms and carried you, the rest of the way to the car... :D (Sorry Noelle, I am not giving ideas)

Dazee Dreamer said...

Hopefully we won't be seeing your lovely picture in the next round of "walmart people" :)

Baby Sister said...

Nooo...I would never let Boyfriend carry me even if he tried!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you're finally sharing your poems. :)

Baby Sister said...

Oh, and, I didn't give it to my dad Feeling. Cause it feels...inadequate to me.

Thanks Stewie...

Anonymous said...

What? WHAT? Daddy Platt- jump on to the website. Read it here. Baby Platt is losing it. REALLY.

Please show it to him. TODAY. I swear it will make his day. Show it!

Baby Sister said...

I'll think about it Feeling. :)