Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No sere una mujer perfecta....

I worked with Connie again today.

After a 5 day break.

The break was very nice!!!!!!!!!!


One of the songs that somehow always gets stuck in my head

Is stuck.

Hence the title.

It just keeps going and going and going...

It's like the Energizer bunny stuck on Spanish mode.

No sabre actar como una princessa

And no matter how many normal thoughts I try to have

Aun que muchas veces no se lo que quiero

It's there in the back of my mind

Porque se que te puedo hacer feliz

It doesn't even sing in order in my head

y no se enganar a tu corazon

Just skips...like the CD has a scratch on it

ni vivir como en alta sociedad

And it just keeps doing the same song for awhile

pero se lo que puedo hacer

However, sometimes if I'm lucky it'll at least switch songs

mirame bien

And just kinda keep switching

te voy a mostrar porque estoy covencida que eres mio

Until I go absolutely mad

eres para mi, me lo ha dicho el viento

And no matter how many non-spanish songs I sing

ahora ya lo entiendo, tu me perdiste a mi

twinkle twinkle little star

It goes back to the spanish song

porque no supiste entender a mi corazon

And stays there

no voy a llorar y decir que no merezco esto

take me out to the ball game

I used to be able to just tune out music

me voy que lastima pero adios

And shut it off whenever I wanted to

tu me decias que nada te haria cambiar

That changed this year when all I listened to was Spanish

estoy tan cansada de las canciones de amor

And the same songs over and over and over again

tengo la camisa negra

And even when it switches songs

hoy solo quiero silencio, no quiero nada cambiar

They mix in my head

tengo que confesar que a veces no me gusta tu forma de ser

So it's like 15 songs

yo te quiero con limon y sal yo te quiero tal y como estas

All combined into one big mess

quiero ser la unica que te muerda la boca

And then all of the tunes mix up

porque si porque mientras espero por ti me muero y no quiero seguri asi

And become this big huge jumble of music

lluvia cae lentamente sobre me

And I can't even think straight

labios compartidos labios dividios mi amor

And no matter how many songs get mixed

arrancame el corazon si tu te vas

The first one is always foremost in my mind

no sere una mujer perfecta

she thinks my tractor's sexy

And it never goes away

de las que golpeas al ver pasar

Until I can't take it anymore

no sere alta y maravillosa

And I say to myself

aunque muchas veces no se lo que quiero

SELF!!!! SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

Sadly, that doesn't usually work either...

soy para ti lo se, lo supe desde la priemra vez


I got taken back to my past the other day

By a song someone posted from YouTube

I'll share it with you to end the blog today

My mom used to sing this to me all the time

Enjoy!! Have a goodnight!! Farewell blogging land!!

hoy es la ultima vez que hablo contigo...


Joann Mannix said...

Hi Baby Sister! Thanks so much for stopping by to see me.

Aaaargh! I hate that so much when that happens! I really don't like Rihanna, I mean I REALLY don't like her and if anyone even mentions her one song, you know, the one with the thing over her head when it rains, (can't say it or the brain will start whirring into action), I will sing that song all day. It is the worst possible torture! The CIA could seriously use that song for torture purposes, playing it over and over again.

Dazee Dreamer said...

ok just reading it was probably like it was in your head. yikes. bad connie, bad, bad

Joann Mannix said...

Also, I was wondering if you know when Noelle's post will be up today? I think she's got me guest posting on her blog today, but I don't want to put up my post, directing folks to her site until I know it's up. I figure she's in the woods, so I can't contact her.

Just wondering. Thanks!

Baby Sister said...

I'm posting it as soon as I log out of mine. So you can do it soonish. :) Thanks Joann!

Venassa said...

Having songs stuck in my head annoys me, but your situation sounds serious. Hopefully you find some relief soon.

Anonymous said...

(For some reason, that song won't play to me.)

I know what you're saying. I remember when the watchman of our building, once began playing pathetic songs in a dialect I never understood. Mum and Dad were out of town and I'd sit alone in the empty house, reverberating with his NASTY music.

You know I am nocturnal, right? So, I'd sit to read and everyday, at 9:30pm, he'd start. The music was vulgar. I don't know why no one else cared.

4 days later, I was making my omelette in the kitchen and the worst thing happened. I was singing the same song.

Don't do this to yourself. Oh no.

Promise me, you're going to do just this:

Tell her your Spanish song folder got corrupted. You cannot spend your living moments in such pain. So, belt out every English number you know from tomorrow. It will help her learn the language. Do it.

p.s. Did you show your Dad the poem yet?? (angry expression)

Amy said...

lol. good luck with that.