Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A trip down memory lane...

Once upon a time I used to work with this boy who was a MAJOR science geek.

Not that that is a bad thing, just stating it how it is.

He loved science, loved genetics, loved everything to do with it.

And I, my friends, do not.

I am a English/History/Music/Spanish type of girl.

Definitely NOTTTTT Math or Science.

But see this boy and I kinda dated...

And we were BEST friends for a VERY long time...

We're still good friends...but he lives in Ohio now and never responds to my phone calls or that demotes him from best friend status.

And he talked to me about EVERYTHING. No joke. EVERY-TH-ING!!

School, work, annoying customers, girls he dated (before we started dating), whether it was "that time of the month" for me or one of my sisters...

Yeah, you get the point.

One day, when he was still in school and taking science-type classes, he had learned something that to him, was SO EXCITING!! Like he had just inherited 20 billion dollars, or like plumbing or electricity had just been discovered all over again.

I listened...or tried to listen. Really, most of the stuff he told me just went over my head as I really tried to understand one tiny little portion...which I never really ever did...I pretended though, and I tried to seem really REALLY interested, because it was a part of him that I loved so much. Watching him get so into it, get so excited over some part of plant genetics that he had just learned...he was cute when he was like that. So I humored him and always gave him all of my attention...even if I couldn't be as excited, or understand it.

Anyway, on this day I must have been tired and had a headache, which means it was even harder for me to focus and understand.

And so I proceeded to make up a story. Very dumb, but I thought it was humorous. I saved it on the computer and completely forgot about it.

The other day I was looking through my documents on my sister's computer for something and found it. It brought back a lot of memories and made me laugh so hard.

So, my friends, I thought I would share it with you this evening.

It is called "The Death of Manda Lou"
(Manda Lou is a name by which I go by sometimes among family and friends)

Once upon a time in a land very near away… J there was a girl named Manda Lou who was dying.  Why, you might ask, was she dying?  Because one day when she was at work she was trying to be an amazing friend and told her friend that she would gladly listen to him teaching her about Glucose and its formation.  Well, unbeknownst to them at the time, her brain was actually allergic to hearing about biology related information!  Apparently Manda Lou was born with a very rare disease only seem in blonde haired, blue eyed girls who like the color purple and flip flops J.  So unbeknownst to them, while she was very sweetly listening to Shaun (her friend) her brain was actually becoming infected….dying, if you will.  Well, she listened to his explanation and at the end gave him a high five and a big pat on the back because he had actually been able to figure it out, something which she had NEVER been able to (which they later found out was because of her disease, which is called cerebroenfermease)…so naturally she was very impressed and very proud of him. 
     She went home and, having finished all of her homework for the next two weeks (because she was a very good student who did all of her homework ahead of time, instead of the night before like most students) she was relaxing and reading a book, one of her favorite pastimes, when all of the sudden her eyes started expanding and her lips started shrinking and her nose started fattening up… “WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ME?!” she thought.  What had she done with herself to have this reaction?  Maybe she accidentally ate fish, which she was also allergic too… “No,” she thought “why would I ever even think about eating fish when I know 100% that I am allergic to it?”

~Commercial Break~
Then Seren (Seren is a girl that worked with us as well) exclaimed with a loud voice, “Look a fish!!” She had just witnessed Shaun making a “swimmer plugging his nose” fishy face, and it was disturbing. Thus why she is interrupting this important message for her sudden outburst of emotional trauma. So now back to our regular, scheduled showing of
“Manda, and her lovely, creative, Linden Nursery, and horrible Biology tortured life story…..”

(Who was that girl and why in the world did she interrupt my LIFE THREATENING story?!) Anyway, back to the story…
So, she had just had a terrible reaction to the Biology crap (but she didn’t know that was her problem at the time) so she ran to her mom and cried and cried, so her whole entire family ran and got in their cars and took her to the hospital where they ran millions and millions of tests to find out what was wrong.  Heartbreakingly, all of the tests came back clear so they didn’t know what was wrong with her.  Right then, just when all hope was lost and they were about to say goodbye to their amazingly wonderful daughter, a doctor ran in and screamed “WAIT!!  I HAVE THE SOLUTION!!”  They all turned around and ran to hug the doctor.  He then explained to them that he was thinking about it and went and researched it on the internet and put in all of the information and found a single link on the disease cerebroenfermease.  The only problem is, the only cure was someone had to donate 5,000 hairs and 7 eyelashes and 1/3 of their kidney, plus a rare plant from the hidden jungles of Madagascar. 
Long story short, no one really wanted to go to Madagascar, or donate 1 piece of hair let alone 5,000…nor the eyelashes.  So, she died.  The end

I’ll save you!!!! CPR!!! I’ll be back in a round trip flight to Madagascar and 4 days searching in the jungle!!! Don’t give up on me now!

~To Be Continued~

~Love, the wild and crazy, life-threatening-story- interrupting girl~

Lol. Yeah, I'm a dork what can I say?

Anyway, just thought you would enjoy.

Night friends!!


Anonymous said...

The guy discussing that time of the month for your sisters had me laughing so hard!!

The death of Manda Lou is nice as a "story". In real life, we'll ALL resuscitate.

Geek boy is still in love with you. There is no other answer.

Formation of glucose made me want to cry. Sigh. I think I need to be like him.

Cerebroenfermease? I love the creativity!! I would have thought that to be another real thing I am still oblivious about if it were on on of my questions. :D

Kaleena J. said...

Good night! Nice post. :) I really just adore your new header.

Dazee Dreamer said...

that was the most amazing story ever. I loved it!!!!!!

Noelle said...

I happen to think you have way too much time on your hands!!!

jayayceeblog said...

I would go to Madagascar for you! Where is it??? I am not good at Geography!!! I think you've missed your calling, Baby Sister. Seems to me you should be working on fiction. That would make a fun kid's story!

Baby Sister said...

@ jayacee - Madagascar is that little tiny island by the bottom of Africa. Thanks for the effort.
I do like making up stories like this...maybe one day...