Friday, August 27, 2010


*Boyfriend and I went to Wallie World today to get two things. Yes, two. A splitter and shaving cream. We were in a hurry so naturally it had to take forever to check out. We got to the front and one self-checkout lane was closed, the other was having a maintenance check, and the other two were FULL of people. We chose a line that looked like it might go faster and waited. I tried to be patient with the people in front of us who had a cart full of groceries, but I have a really hard time being patient with people like that in the fast lane. Finally they finished and I was waiting for her to take her things when I heard her say "Dang it! I forgot to pay for the potatoes!!" I groaned inside and waited about two seconds, trying to decide to be nice and let her go, or just hurry and scan one of our items. The impatient part of me won and I hurried and scanned one of them. Just after that her mom turned around and said "Oh, she already went." I turned around and in my sweetest voice I could muster I said "Oh, I'm so sorry!!" The lady was kind and said not to worry about it...but I kinda felt bad won't think less of me now, right??

*I'm slightly ornery today, and I think I know the reason (I know that's not done very well and Boyfriend would kill me, but right now I don't care)

*I had a girls night out tonight with two of my best friends (yes, I have friends...crazy I know) and the little sister of one of said friends, who is also a dear friend, and I spent an absurd amount on chocolate (partly for the above mentioned item):

*Boyfriend and I had the same day off starting tomorrow...and his work told him today that his days off were being changed to Sat and Sun...meaning only tomorrow will we have the same day off. I kinda cried. (Again, party because of the second item in the list)

*I'm not going to school this fall, which is slightly weird

*For my post yesterday, I couldn't remember how to spell imbalance...I thought that was right, but I wasn't sure. So I typed it in in Google search and told me that it could be inbalance or I put inbalance because imbalance reminds me too much of Portuguese. Then after reading everyone's comments who wrote imbalance, I decided to check again...and what do you think it told me? "did you mean to write imbalance?" Inbalance didn't show up at all, like I thought it shouldn't have the night before. Grrrr....

*I made myself sick eating all of the above pictured chocolate

(last one)

*I dread making comments on people's blogs. I make them still, because I like to and I know how much people like comments, but I feel like the comments I make are slightly stupid and pointless...and not as funny/witty/compassionate/tender/empathetic as I would like them to be...



Anonymous said...

Hmm... Baby Sister, just breathe. You'll be perfectly fine. Can you tell how many of us are going through the darn PMS at the same time?? I wish I didn't have to be alone at home... alone + at home all day equates a wee bit of madness.

Can I say that whenever I write, your comments assure me than someone's reading me too? So, thank you.

Also, thank you for being there to sort out my head during a crisis I've had.

Hope you sleep really well and have a really happy day tomorrow!

aubrie said...

Sorry about the PMS. I had a friend at work that had only brothers, and whenever I was acting PMS-y he would say I was a little "fiesty" because he was too afraid of saying "PMS" and too afraid that I would get upset with him if I said ornery. Isn't being a girl funny?

I don't feel like your comments are lame at all...and don't feel like you have to comment if you don't want to. I mostly just blog because it's a way to write what I'm feeling and then (theoretically) I don't have to dwell on it...doesn't work so well.

Hope you get feeling better soon! I think you are wonderful!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I love when you leave comments on my blog. They are not silly and stupid, unless you want to be silly, then I totally get your humor. So no worries.

And I still love you even tho you started ringing up your stuff. serves her freaking right!!!!

Bossy Betty said...

What a day! Love the chocolate party too! I wuv your comments!

Noelle said...

You would feel better if you brought me a cheese sandwhich for lunch...and some of that chocolate.

Just sayin'...

Venassa said...

Thank YOU! I feel the same way about my comments and I'm glad that I'm not alone.
I don't hate your for your impatience at Wal-Mart. I probably would have done the exact same thing. At least you pretended you were sorry, instead of being mean about it :)

jayayceeblog said...

Now that looks like my kind of party. PMS is the worst and you can only hope to have a man who understands. My Hubby drove to three different 7-11's in a snowstorm once to find me Haagen Daaz Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream. He is a saint!

Baby Sister said...

@ jayacee - Sounds like your hubby is pretty awesome!! Luckily for me, Boyfriend is really great about it as well. :)