Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pictures and stuff

First things first.


Boyfriend made it for me. :)

And the header too. He is so good to me!!

He missed me.

A lot.

I've got 4 texts that he sent me while I was gone not having reception to prove it.

But I missed him it's okay.

The backpacking trip was fun...for the most part.

We left here at about 5:30 or 6:00 and made the drive.

We got there all ready to start the hike (besides being tired)

The first 4 miles were great!!!!

Enjoying the scenery, the amazing trees and fields...

It was like Heaven right there.

We stopped for lunch, didn't eat much...just enough to keep us going

And that's when it hit. The nausea, upset stomach, blehness

(I have a problem with altitudes apparently...last year when we hiked Timp, I got sick and couldn't go to the very top. I also have a memory of getting sick and my Dad's cousin's cabin...not fun.)

I thought Timp was a fluke and I was SURE not to get sick this time...Ha! Funny...

But we carried on, me just hoping it would pass.

It didn't.

I eventually got to the point that I couldn't carry my pack anymore. Any pressure on my stomach made it about 50 million times worse.

Papa Smurf and Tiffany carried my pack onward while Peach and her husband stayed behind with me.

After rid of the lunch that was in my stomach...(it was the nicest way I could think of saying that) we carried on, thinking that would be all that was necessary.

Thus started one of the longest days of my life.

I was sick the rest of the hike up...I couldn't keep anything OR liquid.

I couldn't carry my pack...I didn't have the energy or the strength or anything required to carry it. I had to stop about every 5 or so minutes, depending on my stomach, because the nausea threatened to take over.

The only comfortable position I could find was the fetal position, which is weird cause that usually makes my nausea worse.

Papa Smurf carried my pack for a bit, and then Peach's hubby carried it for a long time.

There were a couple of times I just stopped on the side of the trail and took a nap in the dirt cause I just couldn't take it anymore.

Papa Smurf and Tiff kept trying to get me to drink liquids, but after throwing up after every time they finally gave up on that.

We finally met up with Peach and hubby after about 2 hours of the slow and long process that was me trying to get up to the top.

When we met up with them we were trying to decide if we should camp where we were, or go up farther and camp by the lake. 

I was feeling okay, I had a good stint of about half hour that I was able to keep walking and didn't have to stop and rest.

I told them I would try and keep going because we all figured if we didn't make it up to the top then we wouldn't want to the next day.

Papa Smurf, Tiff, and Jason (hubby o' Peach) took turns until Jason just carried it the rest of the way. It killed me that they were all carrying it and I wasn't able to...but I really just couldn't do it. My stomach couldn't take it, and my shoulders wouldn't have been able to carry all of the weight without any food giving me energy or strength.

After I made the decision to go on, it as like karma coming back to bite me. The nausea came back in waves and I honestly just wanted to lay down and cry. The higher we went, the worse it got...but there wasn't any other option but to continue onward.

By the time we got up to camp, I did not have any hope of feeling better by the next day like everyone had promised I would.

I laid down on a rock while Papa Smurf set up my tent and sleeping bag for me. He's a good dad. :)

I went and sat in my tent to get away from all the blasted mosquitoes...tried to lay down but realized that didn't help either.

So I just stayed there, sitting until Papa Smurf made some chicken noodle soup for me.  Got outside the tent to stand by the fire cause I was freezing...and it hit...again. Luckily, it was the last trip to the trees for that reason on this trip.

Came back, went to sit on a rock to eat my chicken noodle soup and the rock tipped and made my soup spill out a little. :( It was NOT my night.

When I got ready for bed I took an anti-nausea pill, 2 sleeping aids, and 2 advil.

I went to bed, didn't feel quite as nauseous, and fell right asleep. :)

The next day was MUCH better. I was very careful with what I ate and how much I drank, but I was able to keep everything down. Yay!!

We had a relaxed morning, then went up to see Upper Red Castle Lake. It was SO beautiful!!!! The water was freezing because of how high up it was, but it was amazing.

We hiked back to camp and decided that for multiple reasons it would be better if we came back Friday night instead of Saturday. We had come to see Red Castle and the lakes and we did.

We packed up and headed out. The hike down killed all of us. Tiffany was hurting, I was hurting, Peach was hurting...I'm sure the boys were too, but probably not nearly as bad as the girls.

We finally made it to the car and began the blessed drive of going home.

All in all, it was fun. We had a good time. We saw some BEAUTIFUL scenery and mountains. We did have a good time. I might never go backpacking or hiking again if it's going to bring the same results every time, but it was fun. 

You ready for the pictures now?

Okay!! Here goes!!

(I know some of the pictures look the same, but I couldn't decide which ones to choose from...and I look blah in most of the pictures. No mocking)

This was in the newspaper the morning we left...I thought it was quite appropriate:

The only picture I could really get of Jason before we left...

Isn't he so cute? :D

Signing in. No turning back now!!

The outhouse at the trail head. Nummy?

Peach's pack. I just really loved this picture...

Mud from the horses that people take up this was gross.

Tiff and Papa Smurf

Yay! Red Castle!!

Our first view of Red Castle. :)

Papa Smurf drying his handkerchief. :)

Papa Smurf doing what he loves...looking at rocks. :)

The upper lake...with the freezing cold water!!

Peach and hubby. Cute!! :)


Tiff put out nuts for the chipmunks...and they came :)

Packing up and getting ready to go

Papa Smurf was tired...

Goodbye Red Castle!!

A big moose we saw on the way home

Pretty sunset

And there you have it folks.

Now I have to go spend time with Boyfriend so he remembers I love him.



Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Wow, for many many reasons!

I love the look of your blog!!! It is adorable! The stars made me smile. :) :) Very pretty job!

I am so sorry you were so sick. No hiking for you next time. On second thoughts, that makes you and Boyfriend a good on-land couple! (just trying to look at the positives...)

One look at those pictures- (which, by the way, are extremely pretty and SO many!!! We applaud the effort you put in for us)- that trek needs plenty of energy. And it looks so very hot there. Wow. I am proud of you!

Very very proud! Pat on the back!!!

aubrie said...

I'm sorry you got so sick! Especially after buying all they new backpacking gear!

Jessica said...

Glad you made it home in one piece! That sucks that you got so sick.

P.S. I LOVE the new layout. It looks so good and it's TOTALLY you!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Boyfriend, you outdid yourself on the new look. kudo's

Maybe next time you go on a steep hike you should get some of that tea they make you drink in peru before you go up that big hug mountain where the elevation is so high it makes people sick. I'm not sure what it is called, but i'm told it works.

jayayceeblog said...

Your pictures are postcard pretty ... nice job. Sounds like a rough trip -- I don't know how you stayed on your feet to complete the hike. High altitude can really mess with you. Every time we go to Denver, I have nose bleeds for the first few days. I wish I was athletic but the thought of a trek like that makes me just want to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head. P.S. Your new look is beautiful. Nice work, BF!

Baby Sister said...

@ aubrie- Yeah, I wish I could take it all back. :)

@Stewie- Me too! Glad you like it. :)

@jayaycee- I wanted to crawl in my bed and pull the covers over my head this time too. :) Glad you like it!