Thursday, August 5, 2010

My eye is people make my eye twitch.

Have you every seen the movie French Kiss?

I love that movie.

It has Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline it.

There's a part where Meg Ryan is making fun of old people and she says "My butt is twitching. You people make my butt twitch" (she doesn't say butt, but we're just going to pretend she did)

When I get really tired my eye starts twitching a little. The more tired I get, the more it twitches.  And whenever it twitches I think of the line from that movie.

Today I got home from work and my eye started twitching.

I've been pretty tired the last few days, but I didn't know it was THAT bad...

Too bad I have to work tomorrow.

Too bad I'm pretty sure Mr. Boss Man would murder me in my sleep if I called in sick...

(He even knows where I live unfortunately...)

Exciting news of the day?


Do you like it? I do. :D It looks pretty faded...not so bad in real life though.

It makes me happy.

We had a death today at work.

We had a tree in front of one of our offices at work that just wasn't strong enough to withstand the storms of the last few days.

It had lived a good, long life and it was done.

A wind gust came through and tore off a big huge limb.

After that my cousin (who works with us) decided to put the tree out of it's misery.

So he started cutting off the branches

And then the tug-o-war began!!


The tree is no more.  Kinda sad.

We will be holding funeral services for the parts of the tree that we can still find. Anyone interested, get a hold of Peach. She's in charge.

It reminded me of another time with "timber"s and the likes.

Papa Smurf has mountain property in northern Utah.

We go up there all the time.

Especially when we were younger.

We spend the 4th and 24 of July up there...

It's just a big barrel of fun.

Well once upon a time when I was little we were up there and Papa Smurf was building a gate.


I mean really.

They were over 15 ft tall probably.

And really wide as well...I couldn't tell you how wide because it was a really long time ago.

Anyway, we were raising the logs and putting them in place with chains and stuff.

They made us stand far far away in case something happened.

I do remember that I was sitting in our van eating apricots with some of my sisters while we were waiting.

And then all of the sudden I hear a scream.

What had happened was my brothers were helping Papa Smurf to place the logs

And Mama Smurf was standing around making sure everything was okay

Apparently one of the logs started slipping and was going to hit one of my brothers 

(I didn't remember all of the details so Peach filled me in)

Mama Smurf freaked out and pushed him out of the way

And the log came down and smacked her side and knocked her down through a barbed wire fence.

She was unconscious for a really long time so we all stood around her to offer her shade and said a prayer that everything would be okay.

The nearest hospital was an hour away so we all got in the car and drove her there.

The whole time she kept having seizures and blacking was scary.

Papa Smurf dropped us off at our aunt's house to take her to the emergency room.

She obviously survived. She was really blessed. She fractured/broke her wrist and I think she had a few bruised ribs. (There might be something else, but I don't remember and she's asleep and I don't want to wake her up.)

The only thing I remember is when we were standing around in the circle giving her shade.

The only thought that went through my mind is "mom is going to die mom is going to die"

I was crying and freaking was really hard.

Whenever I think about it I get a little bit emotional and just think how grateful I am that we were blessed with a miracle that day.

I don't know where I would be without my mom. 

She is such an example to me. She is one of the most selfless, caring, giving people that I know. Whenever anyone asks for help, she is there doing everything she can to help.

She is always trying to help her children, to serve them. She pays attention to the things we need and whenever she can jump in and help she is right there, ready to do it.

There are times when I don't show my appreciation enough and I take it for granted. But days like this remind me that I am very blessed to have my mother with me right now and I should not take advantage of that fact. A lot of people in the world today are not that lucky.

Love you Mama Smurf!!

And to you, my blogging friends, I must sign off for the evening. 

I hope you all have a great night/day and I shall talk to you tomorrow.



Dazee Dreamer said...

First off, LOVE the mouse pad. It's purple. aaaahhhh

Your mom is awesome. boy, moms kick it up 100 degrees when their children are in danger. You are so lucky to have an awesome mom

Noelle said...

I'M in charge of the tree's funeral??? But I'm not even sad the tree is gone. Bother.

And I second all you said about Mom.

Bossy Betty said...

Sorry about the tree. I am always sad about things like that.

My eye twitches sometimes too. It's a sign of high intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little scared to comment today... But fear not, I will get over it. :)

I think, in all my senses, that the mouse-pad is beautiful! I can imagine it sitting beside your computer, looking absolutely inspirational. Am I allowed to be jealous??

Treatment for tired eyes- zoom pages :D and read only large font.

Hope tree is happy in Heaven. Noelle conducting the funeral had me in splits!

Mom story too sad but with an AMAZINGLY happy end! Bless the Mother.

Jessica said...

Wow, how had I never heard that story about your mom before? What a woman, that lady!

jayayceeblog said...

There was a lot going on in that blog post! I hate when my eye twitches -- means it's time to go to bed early with some Tylenol PMs. Sad about the tree at work and very scary about your Mom. Very scary! So glad she was okay. Your new mouse pad is fantastic!!!

Baby Sister said...

Lol. Yeah I kinda went crazy jayaycee. :) Tylenol PM sounds nice right about now...
Thanks! I am in love with the mouse pad!! :D