Friday, July 9, 2010

The end. :)

Did you like the suspense of the last post?


Now...where was I....

The princess wasn't very happy living in the dungeon of the castle...

Oh! Wrong story again. :)

I believe the correct sentence was...

And he said the words I had been waiting for for a VERY long time!

He said, and I quote (as much as I can remember)

"Sometimes I wonder if we aren't just supposed to end up together"

This is where I held my breath for about 10 minutes.

Okay, so it wasn't really that long...but it sure felt like it!!

He had said this to me before...and had taken it back.

So I didn't really want to get my hopes up.

But I said that I felt the same way.

And held my breath again....

To be perfectly honest I don't really remember the rest of the conversation. :)

Knowing him, he probably said something like

"Well, we'll just have to see what happens.

I definitely don't want to rush into this time..."

Me thinking "Hmmm...that's what you said LAST time we tried this..."

Anyway, so slowly we went over the next couple of months.

Talked to each other, go to know each other better...

He was wonderful and perfect!!

He was a Mormon as well, friendly, compassionate

Understanding, good sense of humor

And the BEST part...he was SO good looking!!

Well, I think so anyway. ;)

There was only one slight problem.

Only it was a little bigger than slight.

It was big as the moon it was so big.

That's how big the problem was.

He's from Texas.

I'm from Utah.

Two comPLETEly different states.

*sigh* If any of you have done long distance relationships, you know how NOT fun they are.

We made it work though.

We talked on the phone every morning and evening while he drove to and from work.

We txted throughout the day

We got on and played the game together

(we sound like SUCH nerds)

And we tried to webcam about once a week.

This whole time I kept wondering how in the WORLD we were going to make this work.

I most DEFINITELY did not want to move to Texas.

He said he hated Utah.

He wanted to move to California.

I didn't want to move away from my family.

He kept saying MAYBE he would move up here...if it seemed right to him.

But I felt bad asking him to move up here and leave his family.

He hated Texas, and he wanted to move away from home anyway...

I still felt bad though.

Eventually he said the other words I had been waiting for for a VERY long time.

"I think it's time I come up there and we meet and see if this is real."

(or something to that effect)

I swear my heart stopped beating.

He had originally planned on coming up here in July...

But that was before...

So he planned his trip for the middle of August.

I was sooo excited. Especially when he bought the tickets.

Cause that meant he couldn't back out of it.

Muah ha ha ha...

He planned on staying here from Sunday to Saturday

So, I took the week off so we could REALLY enjoy our time.

The day came to pick him up from the airport.

The whole drive up there I was SOOOO nervous!!

"What if he didn't like me?"

"What if he thought I was ugly in real life?"

And about 10 million other what if questions went through my mind...

Finally I got to the airport.

I was a few minutes early, so I sat down in a chair and started to read.

And then the much anticipated, but very scary phone call came.

He had landed.

He was getting off the plane.

He wanted to know where I was.

I stood up.

I saw him.




Dazee Dreamer said...

You're killing me here!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now, THAT is just mean! Owwww.. don't go. Write some more!

I am thinking- You're not going to NOT blog this weekend, are you??

I am continuing the story for myself- "He took one look, stooped down, was on bended knee and said- I got all my stuff with me to Utah. Surprise!" Yay!

Anonymous said...


I am back after a spell. I get to read SO much and yet no end??

No fair!!

JC said...

Cool! I love to find other Mormon bloggers.

Julie said...

What.....what's this to be continue crap.....oh you have me hooked....when's the next post...hurry....please!!!!
Have a great weekend, take care and God Bless!!!

Anonymous said...

I am back. No end yet?? :(