Sunday, July 11, 2010

The REAL end (up to this point anyway) we go!!!!




(Actually, before I start...SPAIN WON THE WORLD CUP!!!!! :D I was SO proud of my home away from home. :) GO SPAIN!!!)

And now back to our originally scheduled program...

So where did I leave off?...

Oh yeah!

He had landed.

He was getting off the plane.

He wanted to know where I was.

I stood up.

I saw him.

And a whole SWARM of butterflies erupted in my stomach.

My palms got all clammy and I just about had a nervous attack.

I didn't know what to do.

I didn't know what to say!

He came up to me and said hello

And it was all I could do to mumble out a hi

I kept telling myself to just be normal...just be can do it!!

And then he gave me a hug and I was just like....gah! This is so not real!!

While we waited for his bag we tried to have a normal conversation...

(He's told me since then that it wasn't a big deal for him...well, it was for me!)

Got his bags, went to the car...where I had music playing the WHOLE way home...just in case...

The drive home wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...still awkward though.

But I'm just weird like that. :)

We got home, talked with my mom, ate dinner with the fam...

And then he had a really bad headache so he went downstairs to take a nap...

And ended up sleeping until 1 in the morning...and then he just went back to sleep anyway. :)

The week ahead was amazing and fun!

We had a picnic at a park in the canyon...

We went to the zoo

We went up to Salt Lake and I showed him the Salt Lake Temple

And we watched LOTS of movies.

You see, before he came up to visit we made this HUGE list of movies we wanted to see together...

We spent at least one full day watching movies.

From Disney to action.

You name it we watched it.

It was also during this trip that something very special happened.

Well, two sort of somethings.

The day we went on a picnic...

He purposefully wanted to pack fruits just "in case" (no onions or garlic or anything like that...)

He didn't tell me that, but I knew that's what he was thinking.

On the picnic was the first time he told me he loved me...

The first time we kissed...

(I know I'm giving a lot of details...I'm sorry. I'm just like that!)

I was the first girl he had kissed...

So it was cute. :)

Then on the way home from the Salt Lake Temple

He said, and I quote:

"You know, I think I've forgotten to ask you something.

Something very important.

I'm sure it's assumed, but I should probably ask anyway...

Will you be my girlfriend?"

It was cute. :)

The whole entire week I was shy.

I started to warm up towards the end, but still...ridiculously!

On Saturday....he was going to go home.

I was so sad...

I was also feeling sick...

So I wasn't much help to him getting ready...

And I most DEFINITELY did not want to drive for an hour both ways...

But I grabbed some alieve and a pepsi and drove anyway.

We got to the airport...he checked in...and I had to say my goodbyes. :(

I promised myself on the drive up there that I was NOT going to cry.

Not at all.

Not one drop.

At all.

And I didn't.

That is...

Until he had checked in and was walking away.

And then it hit.

The tears started falling.

And I balled.

And balled.

And balled some more.

All the way home.

And then I was sick the rest of the week.

With tonsillitis. :)

Great fun.

The months ahead were full of more talking on the phone.

More txting.

More webcaming.

More missing him...

More him saying that he was EVENTUALLY going to move up here.

But that wouldn't be for a VERY long time.

He had to help his family.

Wanted to wait till his mom was done with college.

So it would be....awhile.

I wasn't sure how I felt about that...

Actually, I was.

I didn't like it.

But I couldn't convince him to move away from home.

That wouldn't be very nice of me.

Plus I already felt bad that he was leaving home for me.

Little ol' me.

The rest of the details aren't really that important.

It was much of the same thing over and over again.

Talking, txting, playing, webcaming...

(he hated to webcam but I refused to not do it. It was the only way I could see him...)

Eventually he decided that he didn't want to wait that long.

Maybe he would move up sooner.

"We'll see" he said.

We saw. :)

We decided I would go down to Texas in the winter time

And meet his family and all that jazz.

But there was a catch...

I would only buy a one-way ticket.

Cause I would be driving back with him when he moved to Utah. :)

So I spent a week in Texas.

Met his family.

He has 5 sisters.

He's the 3 child.

His parents are divorced.

So he lived with his mom.

And that's where we stayed.

His sister went and stayed with their dad so I could sleep in her bed.

It was the first time I've slept in my own QUEEN size bed.


It was nice.

After the week was up, I was sick again. :)

Go me?

But we drove home anyway.

It was a HUGE long drive.

I think it ended up taking us...22 hours. Something close to that.

It was funny...I never got us lost (I drove most of the time...he hates driving and can't see well at night)

Until I got to the exit to my house. :)

By that time I was SO tired (we drove the whole way)

That I couldn't think straight...

And we ended up in Lehi (a COMPLETELY different city)

But we found our way home.

As it is currently...

He lives in my sister's basement

(So no Dazee, he's not my husband) :)

(Yet, according to him. :)

Works as tech support for Verizon (phone company)

And has grown to love Utah. :)

(Hehe...I win!)

We're happy.

He's a good guy.

He makes me happy.

He's wonderful. :)

(He just talked about turning me into a rodent for when we got married and started having kids so I could have more kids at one time...maybe he's not quite so wonderful as I thought...)


So there you go my friends.

There you have the VERY detailed story of us.

Hope you enjoyed...

Sorry it was so long.

But hey! At least it was fun right? :D

Anyway, off to say goodnight to Boyfriend and then go crash.

(No nap for me today...I had to watch the world cup!!!!)

(GO SPAIN!!!!! :D )

Night everyone!!

(sorry it's all weird and not very flowy...I was tired and watching a movie while writing...not a good combo)


Anonymous said...

What a story!! You could give Cinderella a complex, you know! :D :D

Too cute. LOVED the story!

I was just thinking, for those of us who can come to your wedding, we have to have a live video telecast!

Anonymous said...

cannot** :D

Anonymous said...

Yay for happy romantic tales :)

Long live the romance!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

That was the sweetest story ever!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I can't wait for more stories, like when he asks you to marry him. No pressure boyfriend, just sayin.

Baby Sister said...

I'll think about that one girl. :)
Cinderella huh? Interesting...

Thanks FJR. :)

Thanks Dazee. :) I'll let him know! ;)