Saturday, July 17, 2010


After MUCH searching

I finally found what my dear friend Joann was talking about.

Which I believe is going to make life in general a lot easier.

I couldn't find it at first

So I had to call Peach.

She couldn't find it either.

I was almost resorting to emailing Joann.

But then I googled it one last time

And found it!!


And she taught me how to put my awards on a different page.

Thanks Joann!

You're great. :)

So Boyfriend and I went swimming today

 To the new pool they built in my city.

And let me just say...


The way they have it built is super weird.

The "main" pool is separated from a kiddy type pool

They have a what they call "lazy pool" that just pushes you along so you can just chill

They have A slide

And no dang diving boards.

I was utterly disgusted.

The main pool was so crowded that it was lame and ridiculous.

I mean, we still had fun...

But there was NO room to roam and goof of and really swim.


On top of all that

Boyfriend saw a naked man in the men's locker room.

He told me that's why he hates men's locker rooms.

And I can't say that I blame him.

Makes me glad I'm a girl.

I've never had that problem.

He said his eyes were burned and would have to be removed.

I told him that wasn't even a remote possibility.

I liked his eyes where they were.

So tomorrow we're going again.

I have a new swimming suit

(Lesson learned: never buy a swimming suit from Wally World. You'd think I should have known that...but you live and learn and then get luvs. Lol. I'm a dork)

And we're going to the OTHER pool.

The one I went to when I was a wee one.

Cause apparently they're not so crowded with this new pool they built.

Here's hopin'!!

And! Things aren't as bleak in the computer world as I thought.

No defaulty (yes, that is a word...look it up in the Amanda Dictionary) parts.

We just didn't do something because we didn't know it needed to be done.

The second to last part needed arrived today.

Now we're just crossing our fingers and praying that the other one comes tomorrow.

(I did overnight ship it after all...)

 (If I don't get it tomorrow, (cause I ordered it last night) then someone is going to hear it from me!!)

(I did spend $25 in shipping after all...)

(It's a good thing the product itself was on the cheap side)

And if it comes tomorrow

Then the EXPLOSION of pictures will be posted.


"Wishing and hoping, thinking and praying, planning and dreaming..."

I will keep you updated I promise.

Anyway, off to snuggle with Boyfriend.

Have a good night everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! New page looks very cool. It's going to be flooded soon, I can tell!

I'm as excited abut the picture, too! Keep working. You are SO going to do it!!

Jessica said...

Dang, we wanted to go try out the new pool but maybe not if it's that crazy. Although, I am a sucker for those lazy rivers!

Bossy Betty said...

Have a great time at the old pool. Bummer about the new one being so crowded. Super Bummer about the naked man.

Baby Sister said...

Thanks Girl. :)

You can still try it out Stewie. It's good for kids. Just not so much older people.

Thanks Betty. Hopefully no naked men this time!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Well, you know, the new pools have to be "kid friendly". You will have a lot more fun at the old one, swimming laying out, sneaking in a kiss now and then. Yeah, I said it.

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha! Everyone seems to be blogging about the monstrocities of the local pools. I forgot to even mention the horrific naked man ditty. Your poor boyfriend.

Sorry I haven't been commenting as often as I should. I shall try harder.

Loved this post!

Amy said...

Hooray for a new computer! And for swimming. A lazy river though? That sounds great. It might be worth it for that.....just sayin'.