Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hatred of FedEx

I think the title explains it.

No package today.

I looked it up to track the package 

And the last update said it was in Cali

But that had been the previous evening or something

And the only other thing it said was that it was on schedule

So I went to the mother of all FedEx sources

The FedEx website.

Can I just say that their website is NOT user friendly?

Anyway, after some searching Boyfriend found something.

Something that allowed you to schedule a pickup.

And he thought that meant pick it up at their location.

So we tried to schedule it...

But you have to have a dumb account with them to do that.

Soooo I went through the whole process of setting up an account

And after doing that I was reading through it again

And Boyfriend understood it wrong.

It was to schedule someone to come to your house and pick up your package to be delivered.


But I kept researching, hoping beyond all hope that it would give me a solution.

I found a place where you could go to pick it up. 

It was far away, but I was so willing to drive there if I could get my package.

But no.

They were closed on Saturday.


So I went about trying to figure out how to cancel my account

It was pointless to have if it wasn't going to give me what I want.

But no.

You have to call their office to cancel an account.

So I gave Boyfriend the number and said "Here. You call."

He did cause he's nice like that.

Told the lady the situation

She looked up the package and it was STILL in Cali.

The other reason he called was to see if the $10 they charged to my debit card could be removed.

She said it was just to make sure the card worked.

Okay fine. 

But they weren't going to give me a credit to what I paid toward shipping

Because event though newegg's (the company we got the parts from) calls it priority overnight

As does FedEx...

They don't consider that same day delivery.

Which means they don't ship on Saturday.

Nor does anything happen on Saturday.

Because it's not "labeled" as same-day.

Not that it doesn't matter that newegg doesn't have same-day delivery options

As long as it's not labeled same-day

They're safe.

*sigh* I should step off my soap box now...

Moral of the story:

FedEx is mean.

I don't like them.

And I will never order from then again.

In other news...

Boyfriend and I didn't go swimming.

The OTHER swimming suit that I bought didn't work.

I swear they change the mirrors in the dressing rooms so you think things work

Just to take them home and find out that they really don't.

So I ordered one on-line instead.

This one better work or I'm going to throw a fit.

And with that, I must go read and snuggle a little with Boyfriend.

And prepare myself to go back to work on Monday...

This half-week off has been nice and I don't want to go back.

Oh well...

Night everyone!!


Feeling Just Right said...

Ouch! Mean monsters, those! I don't like FedEx anymore, too! If they EVER charge you those precious little 10$, we'll go on a total blogosphere protest. Just drop the hint and your army will attack!

I'll tell you one highlight in your story- THANK GOD there was someone at their office to take your call on a Saturday! Call her back, email her, pour your frustration. She's being paid for just that. Okay, that was mean.

Sleep well, girl!

And have a beautiful Sunday.

The wait will be worth it! :)

Sandra said...

I bought my favorite swim suit from You have to create and account and it takes a few minutes, but you put in your measurements and the site creates a virtual you that can then try on the clothes so you can see how they fit. If you want the suit to have longer legs, the site will make suggestions for you out of their merchandise. Their suits are a bit pricier than Wally world's, but I have loved and worn mine for almost 6 seasons now and never regretted the purchase (made when I first got divorced and was left with a ton of debt and no $$)

Sandra said...

evidentally I just lied to you. Land's End no longer has the virtual model thing. They had it last Sept. when I was shopping. Sorry.

However you can get one here:

or just google my virtual model and it will bring up a link to this site that used to be tied in to Land's End and unless they have changed something, it shows you clothes from a couple popular stores that you can try on, print out and take with you to the store to purchase, or purchase online.

Tree said...

I used to have to deal with Fed Ex at an old job, and they are a PAIN! That "priority overnight" is a bunch of crap!

Thanks for stopping by my blog for my twins 'birthday' and following! Returning the "follow" luv!

Dazee Dreamer said...

Darn them all. And why is it still in Cali. It should at least be in Utah. But they will say, oh, it will deliver Monday. Weekend delivery sucks on all accounts.

I'm crossing my fingers, toes and boobs that it comes for you tomorrow.

Julie said...

I hate when they say over-night but they don't mean it. At least you got to talk to someone on a Saturday, that's unusual up here in no-man's land. :o)
I hope you get your package early in the week.
I hope your work week goes well. Have a great evening. Take care and God Bless!!!

Baby Sister said...

I'll let you know FJR. :)

And yes Sandra, after this incident I went to Lands End's website and ordered one from their. Looks safe. And thanks for the site! I checked it looks cool. :)

Thanks for stopping by and following Tree. :)

Lol. Thanks for the crossing of the appendages Dazee. :)

Thanks Julie. Hope you have a good one as well!

jayayceeblog said...

Sounds like the one hour cleaners or one hour photo, which is never just one hour. Hah, liarrrrrrrrs!

Amy said...

Just curious. What exactly did you want your swimsuit to "Do"? What makes it "work" or not work? Do you just need new batteries?

We all heart land's end

Baby Sister said...

So true jay!!

Fugal...definitely needed new batteries. :) Nah, I just felt like if I bent over I would expose myself to the ants on the ground...let alone everyone else. :)