Saturday, July 10, 2010

I know, I know...

You want the end of the story.

I know.

Trust me.


I promise I'll write it tomorrow...

But Boyfriend and I have been busy...

We had errands to run...

A game to play with his cousin...

Dinner to eat...

And then Boyfriend wanted to watch a movie cause we haven't done THAT in a bit...

And when we watch a movie we have to snuggle.

He allows nothing else.

(Apparently my pinky finger is 2 1/4 in. long...he just interrupted my typing to inform me of that...thanks?)

So I couldn't post.

(Tickle spot is 3 in. long...that one took a little longer to get him to stop. :p )

I'm sorry!!!!

I promise







pinky swear

cross my heart and hope to die (except I really don't hope to die...)

That I will finish it tomorrow.


Do you trust me?

If I don't finish it tomorrow...

I'll owe you something REALLY big.




I knew you guys would be so cooperative.


Now, I must go say goodnight to Boyfriend.

Night everyone!!

Hope you have a GREAT one!!

Oh, and remember! You're all stars in my book!!

(If you don't get it...that will be the post AFTER the end to my story...)


A girl needs 2 Talk said...

(clearing my throat)

:D :D

We understand!!

p.s. I don't even mind now if you don't post tomorrow. THAT way, you will HAVE TO bake and send me cookies. How- you go figure.

Feeling Just Right said...

Baby Sister, my Darling, doesn't Noelle pass my messages to you?

Okay, I am not blaming her because the poor girl is out trying to figure out names of extended family.

Please leave me your email id in a comment. I won't publish. LONG story.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I'll wait. It's like a good series on TV. Every week, leaving you with having to wait for the next episode.

Meghan said...

I am really enjoying your blog! I love reading it and am interested in hearing the end of that story!!

Jessica said...

You're such a tease. It's killing me, and I KNOW the story!

Baby Sister said...

I'm glad you all survived the wait. :)

Thanks Meghan!! I'm quite enjoying your blog as well. :)

That was the point Stewie. ;)