Thursday, July 8, 2010

Me and the Boyfriend man

That picture states how I felt this morning.

I did NOT want to get out of bed.

And most especially I did NOT want to go to work.

I wanted to go to bed immediately after showering.

I stayed up too late last night...

And I was exhausted because of it.

It's just been one of those days...

Anyway, onwards and upwards!!

To the story!!

You ready??

Once upon a time, in a far away land there lived a princess...

Wait...I'm not a princess...

Oops. Wrong story. :)

Be prepared for details. ;)

Once upon a time, I was dating a boy.

That wasn't Boyfriend.

I know, I know. *gasp*

Anyway, the relationship was a little rocky...

Not the best one, now that I look back at it.

That is irrelevant however.

To make the relationship happier, I tried to come up with things to do with him.

That would help us have other things in common.

So while we were dating he found this online game

It was one of those online multi-player type games

Called Fly For Fun.

(And, despite the pun, it really is fun!) :)

So we both started playing.

We created characters, fought other people and monsters and things...

And just had fun. ;)

Fast forward a couple of months and he turned into a jerk.

And dumped me in a jerkish sort of way.

It was really hard for me.

Anyway, I stopped playing Fly cause he was the only reason I played.

Fast forward another 3 months

(You don't want to know what transpired during those 3 months, it's boring and dull)

I was bored one night and decided to get on again

"What the heck" I thought.

So I got on and started talking to other people I had met.

And so it began...

I started getting on more often and playing.

Fast forward about 8 more months.

(Boring...again. Work, school, play, sleep. And sometimes I would eat...)

That's when I meant Boyfriend.

He joined my little group and we started talking.

He was "dating" another girl (they met in game...and had never met in real I don't count it) at that point, and I was NOT interested in meeting another guy online (that's another story...bad experiences, all of them) so we just became good friends.

Eventually we exchanged phone numbers and started txting.

Then one day he did it.

He made the much anticipated phone call.

I was SOOOO nervous!!!!!

My tummy was doing flip flops THE WHOLE CONVERSATION!

But he was very nice. :)

We would chat on instant messenger online, and occasionally webcam as well.

Fast forward a couple of months...

He had been having problems with his "girlfriend"

They kept fighting, she kept distancing herself...neither of them were happy.

So, on the night of St. Patrick's Day they broke up.

(I remember that cause we were webcaming and I was painting my toenails green in honor of said holiday...and I showed him the new green socks I had just bought to try and cheer him up. :)

Over the course of the next few months, we grew closer. Became best friends.

Eventually we tried to have a boyfriend/girlfriend type thing...

That didn't last very long.

He wasn't ready.

So, I backed off...but stayed his friend.

Eventually things went back to being semi-normal.

I kept telling him that one day he was going to wake up and come to his senses.

He would realize that I was the one for him and all that jazz.

Then one night we were talking on the phone before bedtime

And he said the words I had been waiting for for a VERY long time.







Dazee Dreamer said...

Oh good grief. A cliff hanger. I was getting goosebumps and everything!!!!!!!

C'est La Vie said...

for crying out loud FINISH!! :)

love that pic by the way, that's how i feel every morning lol

Baby Sister said...


Anonymous said...

Oww. This "to be continued" thing can't be right!

THAT is a LOT of info. I love how much you trust your readers :)

I love the part where the Princess moved on and went back to the game! I cheered out loud!

The boyfriend could not have said nothing after seeing those green toe nails. No way! Out of his senses, you're right!

Anonymous said...

I love that cat photograph! :) :)

You should write a book!