Monday, December 13, 2010


'Memeber how I said I had an awful night the other night??

And that I would give you details later????

Well, it's later and that means it's time for the amazing, awesome, and epic details that you've been waiting for 

Except I don't think I'll go into TOO many details...I don't want anyone to scream "TMI" at me or anything...

(that makes it sound REALLY's not, I promise)

Once upon a time, (last year to be precise) I went to the gym every. single. day.

It's true, I did. I was a good girl and I was trying to do my best to be healthy

(except I guess that's not true...I didn't go on Sunday...)

Anyway, onto the important part of this fairy tale horrible story (trust me, it's no fairy tale)

So, I exercised. A lot. And then, Boyfriend came up and spent the week here, which put an x-nay on my exercising

The very day he left, even the morning before he left, I started getting sick

I was on the couch for...I think almost a week with tonsillitis

Which put an even bigger x-nay on my exercising

As soon as I recovered from that and stopped taking my antibiotics, my other tonsil became inflamed and I got sick again

Luckily the sickness didn't last so long the first time as it did the second time

As soon as I got over from that and got to the point where I thought I could start exercising and not pass out from exhaustion, I...rolled my ankle

It was pretty good and swollen and not runnable for awhile so that put an even BIGGER x-nay on exercising

But, you know, I was okay because I was still being healthy

Finally, after what seemed liked 5 million centuries, my ankle healed

I thought "Wohoo!! I can finally go back to the gym!!"


I got a really bad, nasty, awful, miserable, horrible cold

And I couldn't go to the gym...

Are you starting to see the cycle here? Ridiculous I tell you!!

(I'm sure this is the point where you're starting to wonder what this has to do with my awful night last night...the point is coming, I promise)

Finally, FINALLY, Peach and I went to the gym

I wasn't as conditioned as I was before (I think it had been 4 or 5 solid months since I'd been able to go) but I was happy to be back and exercising again

I have this thing where I work myself into running. I walk for 5 or 10 minutes, and then I run  until my sides/feet/lungs/head starts hurting, and then I walk again for another 5 or 10 minutes and run again

So, I did that for awhile and then Peach and I decided we were going to run for the last 20 minutes or so

And sometime during that run, I started to hurt

It wasn't a normal hurt, it was a hurt I had never really experienced before

A hurt that scared me from ever going back to the gym and running on the treadmill ever again...because I was literally in agony

So, I stopped going. I still had this pain every other day or every few days...sometimes to the point where it hurt to walk OR sit...not a happy combination

Finally my sister and I talked and she gave me the diagnosis that she thought it was

From that talk, I assumed that this pain I had would never go away  and that I just had to deal with it

So, I did...but friends? I'm afraid I didn't deal with it very well because the pain just kept getting worse instead of better

One day, probably quite a few months later, I was complaining about it to another sister and she looked at me and said "Go to the doctor!!"

I told her I didn't see the point since I would never be rid of this awful evil nasty thing that had taken unsolicited residence in my body

"That's not can go away, you just need to talk to the doctor"

She finally forced me to make an appointment (duct tape and rope were involved) and it was set up for the following week

I did NOT want to go to this appointment. It's not that I don't like doctors, because I do...I've yet to have a bad experience (except for when they let inept people try to take my blood...I hate needles...and when they poke and prod for days on end, I tend to get cranky) at the doctors...but I did not want to go there just to have him tell me that there was nothing he could do and i would just have to live with it

But I went anyway, because I'm an obedient sister (are you reading this, siblings??)

The doctor examined me and told me it wasn't what my sister said it was, rather it was something else...something, in my opinion, that was almost just as bad

He gave me a couple of things to try, told me to change my diet a little, and if it hadn't cleared up in 2 months to come back and see him

So I did...I was a very obedient patient and changed my diet like he had said, I even did a little of my own tweaking, and used the medicine he gave me...and while the medicine helped when I was in pain, it wasn't really a cure...more just a temporary fix

After about 2 1/2 months (over a year from the time I'd been able to go to the gym and exercise on a regular basis...and I really missed it. I'd been able to see a difference in my life and I wanted to go back!!) of it not going away, I made another appointment with the doctor

I went in with the hopes that he would say it had gotten a LITTLE better...that my changes had caused an improvement in my condition...

He examined me again and told me that it still looked awful...(thanks a lot Mr. Doctor)

(we're getting to the relevant part of the story, I promise)

So he told me that I wasn't doing anything wrong, it just wasn't healing

There are some more drastic measures that can be taken, but he said that he wasn't 100% convinced of the success rate of those drastic measures and he wanted to explore a couple of other options first

So, he gave me another medicine to try, and said, and I quote: "This has been known to cause some headaches, so just be aware of that"...

I am prone to getting headaches, but I didn't think it would be such a bad thing

I took the prescription home and my mother, bless her heart, took it and had it filled for me and then went and picked it up later

Friday night was when I had the first opportunity to use said medicine 

So I used it and I swear 3-5 minutes later the headache started

I gave it a few minutes to see if it would go away or what it would do...

And it just kept pulsating so eventually I took something and came downstairs to my domain to check on some blogs and stuff

As the minutes ticked by I could just feel it mounting and building and getting worse and worse

It was when I started to feel nauseous that I knew it could be a very long night if it didn't let up soon

Finally I gave up and went to lay on the couch, taking a book with me to keep me company...but I couldn't even get a paragraph read before I had to put it down and resign myself to closing my eyes and getting over this evil demon that had possessed my body

I had already put dinner in the oven for Boyfriend, Papa Smurf, and I (Mama Smurf was out of town helping with preparations for the funeral the next day) so when it was ready Boyfriend went and got it and brought it down for the two of us

I think I got two bites in before I had to stop and will my stomach not to get too upset...too bad it's not as obedient as I am

Boyfriend went and got me a sauce pan and I spent the next hour or so relieving my stomach of the goodness that I had tried to give as a peace offering so it would relieve me of the pain I stomach can be a bully sometimes

After awhile I decided to go take a shower to see if it would help me feel helped my tummy, but my head was still pounding

One of my sisters came over later and I rolled over onto my side to talk to her and all of the sudden it was like my stomach came alive!! It said "HI!! Remember me???? I still don't feel well!!"

Papa Smurf came down and gave me a blessing (something that we Mormons's a special prayer that can help soothe the soul and help those that are sick feel better...) and shortly afterwards Boyfriend went home and I went straight to bed. The next morning I woke up and I felt about 96% better...better enough to go to the funeral and not have any problems. It just increased my faith that there is a God and He loves me :)

Needless to say, I will not be using that medicine. ever. again.

It's evil

From the devil

It needs to be burned in a big fiery furnace

So, that's why I had a rough night. Did you enjoy my story?? I'm just glad it's over...

Just a short video for tonight...

I swear that's how I feel every time I got into the store (the people that have to go around him...)

As always, for those who can't see it click here please

I hope you all had a great Monday.



Dazee Dreamer said...

But, but, you didn't tell us what you were diagnosed with. Or is it a secret.

I'm glad you were better enough to go to the funeral.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what I'm thinking? How come you sisters got all the loving, caring men in the world??!!

What was the name of that drug? My friend deserves some research on that from me. And yes, you're never taking it again! Did you speak with your doctor about a replacement for the pill yet?

God is the best part of this story, isn't He? I'm going to be praying for you more now. :) You'll heal.

These shopping videos are crazy! :D

Bossy Betty said...

You have really been through it! So many setbacks.... It's got to be frustrating beyond belief. I am thinking of you!

Velvet Over Steel said...

Wow.. I had that happen after a surgery once, from the pain meds too. It was awful!! Scared the heck out of my husband (ex now).. that was the only good part of it! hehe...

So, so glad you are feeling better!!! Write down the name of that medicine, and tell doctors & nurses from now on, that you're allergic to it. No one will prescribe even a cousin of it!! :-)

Big Hug to you,

jayayceeblog said...

So sorry you had such a rough night. Hope all is well with you now. And that video! If that guy stopped and stood in front of me like that, he'd probably have tire tracks up his back!!!