Thursday, December 2, 2010

Boyfriends randomness? (second attempt)

So I see that y'all didn't want to hear all of that mumbo jumbo from last time. Please forgive my nerdy nature. I don't mean any harm by it.
Tonight I will talk a little about when I came to visit/meet Baby Sister for the first time. My personal description is that I came up, I met her, we had a great time and I sadly had to go home after a week... But that doesn't make for a good story or even a good sentence for that matter.

Say hello to your boyfriend?
Since this would be the first time we were to meet it was a little nerve wracking. But I tend to keep my cool pretty well cause I have to with my job. When I arrived at the airport and went to get my bag she was no where to be found. I called her and she said she was there and that I had to find her. She was hiding because she was really nervous about meeting me face to face. Before my visit we did talk on msn and would webcam some nights. She finally did come out of hiding and I gave her a big hug ( I am a cuddly kind of guy so yes a BIG hug was in order for a first impression). She could hardly speak when we first met though I wasn't too much of a blabber mouth because I very much was happy to see her and couldn't come to the perfect thing to say. I'm not sure what was said that broke the Ice but I'm sure I said it and that she blushed (Get that bad thought out of your heads it was a sweet nothing, of this I am sure).  The ride back to her house was full of me just looking at the mountains and claiming my stake on them. She tried to tell me that I couldn't have the mountains for myself but I knew better (they are my mountains for the record). Since I arrived on a Sunday they were going to have their normal Family Dinner as they do every week. It was a beautiful day and they had set up a couple of tables outside in the back yard and we ate and talked. At the end of dinner I had a massive headache and was very tired due to only getting 2 hours of sleep the night before. So I went to bed at about 6 or something and was just gonna take a nap. Didn't wake up till the next day at about 10am. If you couldn't tell by that I was very tired. The next day I was fine and we started going and seeing things. We went to the Zoo (got lost trying to get there but we got there) we had a great time there. Saw some animals and some stuff and had some ice cream. On one of the days we went to have a picnic and went to a park in the mountains (my mountains). Enjoyed the sun and I officially asked her out. It was a great day. Sadly the day came all too soon for me to go home to Texas. I bid my beautiful girlfriend a fond farewell and flew off into the sunset (in a plane of course... I don't have wings). 

I will leave the nerd talk out for this message to give you all a break but next time I take over you will see my amazing nerdieness! 
Anything left to tell will be told at a later date. ;D Sleep well you crazy peoples and enjoy reading all these crazy blogs on the big interweb. 
Bye for now, Boyfriend.

p.s This is me. Baby Sister. They are mine. Not his. 

P.P.S. This is Boyfriend... MINE NOT YOURS! Just accept that they have gone to my dark side and that you can visit them on weekends. Love you!

p.p.s.s. Dude...who has been living here longer? Me. That's what I thought. They are mine. That's what I thought.


jayayceeblog said...

You guys are so adorable! Love the emerging love story. More ... we want more!!! *sigh* There's nothing better than a little romantic reading during the holidays. =D I think there's probably enough mountains to go around!!!

Julie said...

More, I want more too. I love romantic love stories. Keep it coming boyfriend, please.
See, I was a good seller, I gave you what I said I would. I hope you're enjoying it all.
Take care you two and have a blessed evening.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you stopped that tale! Heyyy!! No fair! Come back! Just when I was all dreamy-eyed... sigh. ;)

Dazee Dreamer said...

I love when boyfriend takes over your computer. he needs his own blog.