Monday, August 16, 2010

Battle wounds and other nasty things...

Those, my friends, are some of my battle wounds from backpacking.

Aren't those nasty mosquito bites????

There are others, but you will not be permitted to see them.

I do have to count my lucky stars though because considering the amount of times they bit me, I don't have that many bites to show.

But these ones are nasty...and they're not in a fun spot. My hair rubs against them, the collar of my shirt...not fun.

Do you see that?

Do you realize what it is?

A spider sack...nest...spawning place of evil minions of the Devil...take your pick.


Okay, now that I've got that out of the way...

These are, unfortunately, very common at my job.

I think I have forgotten to mention that I do NOT like spiders.

At all.

When I was younger and Peach still loved at my house she would kill my spiders for me. No matter how late it was. She was great like that...and she still does kill them. If I find one and she's around, she comes to the rescue. She's like Wonder Woman in Peach form. :)

Boyfriend also kills them if he's here when I find them.

Anway, back to my story. 

Normally when I find these spider sacks the spider is either already dead or gone. So unless I'm wearing gloves or something, I don't bother them. I just hide the pot that is carrying the evilness among others and forget about it.

So today I was throwing away dead plants, stacking the pots...normal routine. I lifted the stack of pots and the one with the evil minions came out on the bottom. So I went to put it back and the evilness started moving!!

So I did what any reasonable person would do. I threw it on the ground as far from me as I could (which really wasn't very far...big buildings tend to get in the way) and sat and watched it, mesmerized, for the next 10 minutes or so.

Mrs. Evil Spider Lady Thing was wiggling. A lot. I'm assuming she was trying to get out before she died...little did she know that I would not be killing way. Couldn't do it.

I saw a baby Devil minion crawl out of the sack...and I saw another BIG HUGE spider scurrying around the outside of the pot.

But the only thing I could do was stand there and a marionette puppet that no one was playing with...

Eventually she loosened the webbing enough and scurried out and....

Well, to be honest I can't tell you what happened after that because as soon as I saw her BIG BLACK BODY escape the webbing...I ran away.

Like a scared little 5 year old girl.

Straight to the first person I knew I could complain to.


I told her my tale and she did everything she was supposed to.

She sympathized at the right parts, cringed at the other right parts, and offered to kill it in the end.

I told her it wasn't necessary. With any luck, Mrs. Evil Spider Lady Thing was long gone. And I would not be going out there for the rest of the day. I would be going home instead. (It was past time for me to go home anyway, so it was okay)

But I still appreciated the effort.

Now, lest you think that I am only going to give you disgusting pictures...

I will leave you with one nice one.

A picture that was taken of Boyfriend and I at my sister Tiffany's wedding.

My family mocks me for this picture...I don't think they really like it.

But I do. :)

I am now going to go succumb to the tiredness that has been calling me all day.

I am going to crawl into my warm, lovely bed and I pray that tomorrow will be a better, less emotional, less crying day than today.



Anonymous said...

I love that picture of you two! SO VERY VERY CUTE! I was going to come tell you how cute I think that picture on your profile is and then I see this. You're cute!

I like this big sister of yours. She's just right! :D :D Ahhh, talking of big sisters makes me happy!

Hope you sleep amazingly well. :)

p.s. bites are awful. DON'T scratch.

Dazee Dreamer said...

loving the new profile pictures. sooooo freaking cute.

ouchies on the bites. I't because you have sweet blood. they love you, they really, really do

Jessica said...

How could you not like that picture??

And OUCH!! Are you sure those are mosquito bites? Those are evil-looking!

Anonymous said...

Okay I don't know which topic to comment about first... how about chronologically? The bites... gross-out to the max. The evil spider lady sack... been there, done that, still gross. Picture of you and boyfriend (do you want him to remain anonymous?) actually really cute. You guys could use it as your wedding announcement... not that I'm hinting. Seriously. Take your time. Also WTFF (what the freakin freak) Tiffany is married?

Noelle said...

Wonder woman in peach form??? Where do you get this stuff?

I like the picture of you and boyfriend, I promise!

Baby Sister said...

@ Stewie - My family is slightly crazy. What can I say. :) I'm not letting myself think they're anything else...mosquito bites...that's what I have to keep telling myself because otherwise I'll be really creeped out!!

jayayceeblog said...

Nasty mosquito bites, poor thing. And just the name Spider Sack creeps me out! Love that picture of you and your sweetie -- definitely a keeper!

Baby Sister said...

@ jayacee - Thanks! :) I like the picture too.